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To provide news and information regarding legal and regulated esports betting sites around the world

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Head of Esports

Gianfranco CapozziGianfranco Capozzi has several years of experience in online gambling and the esports industry. He started out as a social media manager for a sports betting operator and much to his delight, he quickly moved into the esports betting niche. Gianfranco was also a contributor at Red Bull Games / Esports Italy, and now he heads his own esports team at Catena Media.

Lead Editor

Rachel GuillaumierRachel Guillaumier has been covering esports and esports industry news for over four years now.

Once an avid fan of classic Blizzard games World of Warcraft and Diablo, she now prefers to watch the pro-players do their thing and enjoys following entertaining streamers on Twitch. Find her on Twitter as rachelGuilla

Content Coordinator

Chiara BalboChiara Balbo is an esports & cosplay enthusiast, working in digital & content marketing.

She is passionate about casual & pro gaming, but also about Japanese anime & Netflix series. She is a Nintendo fan but loves Indie games too.


Kieran LeeKieran Lee is a gaming & esports betting enthusiast, and one of our top contributors based in Australia.

He mainly follows the LoL esports scene, focusing on North America, LEC and LCK. Follow Kieran’s updates, exclusive stories and bookmaker reviews.


Florin PagubaFlorin Paguba has been an esports writer for a couple of years now, however, his love affair with video games started way back when esports was still known as cybersports! Florin is a fan of first-person shooter and real-time strategy games.


DanielDaniel Lee is a journalist & freelance contributor. He mainly covers stories about LoL Esports and the Overwatch League.

Daniel can be found playing League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm.


More about EsportsBettingSite.com

EsportsBettingSite.com provides you with the latest industry updates regarding the top esports betting bookmakers out there.

As esports continues to grow and gain traction, more and more betting operators are recognizing its huge potential, and are expanding their esports products and betting markets.

With so many options to choose from, our aim is to guide you in making informed decisions when choosing where to place your esports bets. 

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