All-Stars 2018 LoL Viewer’s Guide

All-Stars 2018 is a League of Legends event that takes place in Esports Arena, Las Vegas on December 6. It serves as the final tournament of the season, and includes the most popular players and personalities from all existing LoL esports regions. All-Stars 2018 isn’t as competitive as events like MSI 2018 or Worlds 2018, however, it makes up for that with some of the most inventive tournament formats and craziest team setups in the scene.

Here, you can see Faker playing together with MadLife, Uzi fighting shoulder to shoulder with Rookie, and Doublelift sharing the AD carry position with Sneaky. Combine that with the fact that fans get to decide which players qualify for the event, and it’s easy to see why this tournament is so popular among the viewers. So, if you want to get in on the action, here’s our detailed viewing guide to All-Stars 2018 LoL!

All-Stars 2018 Voting

The first part of every All-Stars tournament is the voting process. As we’ve mentioned above, fans get to decide which pros play at the event, and they do so by voting for their favorite players on the Riot Games website. Players with the most votes get an invitation to All-Stars LoL, and everyone else sits the tournament out. That being said, there are times when veteran pros deny their invitations in favor of giving the spotlight to talented up-and-comers.

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Unlike with previous similar events, All-Stars 2018 LoL only allows two community-voted pros per region. Other participants are handpicked by Riot Games from League of Legends partners—i.e., notable streamers, personalities, and community figures. On top of that, four more pro players are chosen by Riot after the fan vote comes to an end.

Known All-Stars 2018 Participants

It’s worth noting that the fan vote has already concluded. With that in mind, here is a list of the known All-Stars 2018 participants:

  • CBLOL Allstars: brTT (ADC), Rakin (Mid), YoDa (Mid), Jukes (Top);
  • CLS Allstars: Plugo (Mid), Tierwulf (Jungle), Capri (Support), Lastpick (Unknown);
  • EU LCS Allstars: Caps (Mid), Broxah (Jungle), Jiizuke (Mid), Wickd (Top), NoWay (Mid), GoB (Mid), AlexeIcapo (Unknown), Gripex (Jungle);
  • LCK Allstars: Faker (Mid), Bang (ADC), Peanut (Jungle), MadLife (Support), Cpt Jack (ADC), Watch (Jungle), Shy (Top), Bitdory (Unknown);
  • LCL Allstars: Kira (Mid), Diamondprox (Jungle), FlashInTheNight (Mid);
  • LJL Allstars: Evi (Top), Ceros (Mid), Sutanmi (Unknown);
  • LLN Allstars: Seiya (Mid), Arce (Support), Reubenmaster (Unknown), Ness (Unknown);
  • LMS Allstars: Maple (Mid), Westdoor (Jungle), NL (ADC), BeBe (ADC);
  • LPL Allstars: Uzi (ADC), Mlxg (Jungle), Rookie (Mid), GodLike (Top), Fireloli (Jungle), Guan Zong (Jungle), JieZou (Support), Sao Nan (Unknown), Zhou Shu-Yi (Unknown), Luo Yun-Xi (Unknown);
  • NA LCS Allstars: Doublelift (ADC), Sneaky (ADC), Licorice (Top), Imaqtpie (ADC), Voyboy (Top), Shiphtur (MId), Hai (Mid), Bunny FuFuu (Support), Nightblue3 (Jungle), Luxxbunny (Unknown);
  • OPL Allstars: Triple (Mid), Pabu (Top), Midbeast (Mid);
  • SEA Tour Allstars: G4 (Top), Rockyy (Mid), Riku (Unknown);
  • TCL Allstars: Broken Blade (Top), Dumbledoge (Support), Immortoru (Mid), KFCEatbox (Unknown);
  • VCS Allstars: Artifact (Mid), Zeros (Top), QTV (Mid), MisThy (Mid).

Keep in mind that pros aren’t guaranteed to play their main roles. In fact, many of them will likely temporarily take up other positions because of the roster and format specifics. Speaking of which…

All-Stars 2018 LoL Format

Now that we’ve established who’s going to be at All-Stars 2018 LoL and how they got here, it’s time to take a look at the actual event. The short version is that All-Stars participants will have a chance to play in the All-Star 1v1 Tournament, Charity 2v2 Tournament, Regional Rivalry Show Matches, East vs West Showdown, and Mixed-Team Alternate Game Modes.

The All-Star 1v1 Tournament is exactly what it says on the tin. All 32 pros will take part in this competition for a chance to showcase their mechanical prowess against some of the best players in the world. And while not everyone might take this event seriously, an exclusive Draven trophy and the title of the 2018 1v1 Champion will help foster a competitive environment.

The All-Star Charity 2v2 Tournament is a recent addition to the event. Here, pros and partners will pair up to fight against other duos on the Howling Abyss. The winners will send a Riot-sponsored donation in their name to a charity of their choosing.


The Regional Rivalry Show Matches add a bit of competitive fire to the event. Not only will pros and partners team up on the Summoner’s Rift, but they will battle to defend their regional pride in North America vs Europe and China vs South Korea show matches.

The East vs West Showdown takes the previous concept and turns it up to eleven. Two teams of Western and Eastern pros will face each other in a thrilling Bo3 series to determine which part of the world is better at League of Legends. The twist is that players will have to rotate out, so everyone will get their chance to shine on the All-Stars LoL stage.

Last but not least, the Mixed-Team Alternate Game Mode is a string of show matches in alternate game modes. The exact rosters and game modes will be announced later, but it’s already clear that these matches are going to be wild. Especially when you consider that they’ll be taking place throughout the entire tournament.

Why Watch All-Stars 2018 LoL?

In the end, All-Stars 2018 LoL is all about entertainment. It’s the perfect event to remind fans and players that League of Legends isn’t just fierce battles and do-or-die competitions. And if you open yourself up to new formats and experiences, there’s plenty of fun to be had in the game!