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Kieran is a gaming & esports betting enthusiast, and one of our top contributors based in Australia. He mainly follows the LoL esports scene, focusing on North America, LEC and LCK. Follow Kieran's updates, exclusive stories and bookmaker reviews.

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Fnatic EU LCS predictions

2018 EU LCS Summer Split Predictions – Week 3

Get ready for week 3 of the EU LCS Summer Split 2018! The competition kicks off on June 29, and we’ve already prepared a number of betting tips for the upcoming matches. Strap yourselves in because things are about to get wild! Team ROCCAT vs Giants Gaming The third week of the EU LCS Summer […]
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2018 EU LCS Summer Split Predictions – Week 1

The EU LCS Summer Split 2018 start is right around the corner! It kicks off on June 15, so we’ve prepared comprehensive betting tips and predictions for week 1 of the competition. There are many things to consider like roster moves, meta changes, player strengths, and team potentials. So, strap yourselves in, and let’s get […]
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Royal Never Give Up vs Fnatic: MSI Semifinals Predictions

The 2018 MSI Semifinals are right around the corner, and they kick off with a Bo5 series between Royal Never Give Up and Fnatic. Can Europeans overcome this historically bad matchup? Or will the LPL champions trample Fnatic on their home soil? Our predictions account for a variety of factors, including recent showings, head-to-head records, […]
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MSI Play-In Betting Tips | Mid-Season Invitational 2018

Betting Tips for the 2018 MSI Semifinals

The 2018 MSI playoffs begin on May 18! We’re in for two exciting Bo5 series between the top-4 teams in the world. In this article, we share our insight on who’s likely to win and how can make money by betting on them. Most of our betting tips are based on statistics, but we also […]
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2018 MSI Main Event Groups Preview

The Main Event of the 2018 MSI begins on May 11! The group stage includes powerhouse teams like Kingzone DragonX, Royal Never Give Up, Fnatic, and Team Liquid as well as EVOS Esports and Flash Wolves who have qualified through the Play-In Stage. What are the strengths and weaknesses of each team? And which lineups […]
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MSI Play-In Betting Tips | Playoffs

The 2018 MSI playoffs kick off on May 8! The first series is a clash between EVOS Esports (VCS) and BAUSuperMassive eSports (TCL). As for the second match, it will take place the day after, and involves Flash Wolves (LMS) and Gambit Esports (LCL). So, let’s dive deep with our betting tips and find out […]
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msi betting tips day 4

MSI Play-In Betting Tips | Day 4

The 2018 MSI Play-In Stage continues! The second day of the tournament showcased the complete dominance of the SuperMassive lineup, but things were very different for other teams. PENTAGRAM imploded, as the top lane/jungle duo of Paz and Once couldn’t keep up with its counterparts. Surprisingly enough, KaBuM Esports suffered the same fate by routinely […]
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MSI Play-In Betting Tips | Mid-Season Invitational 2018

MSI Play-In Betting Tips | Day 3

The 201 MSI Play-In Stage is still underway! The first day of the competition turned the existing narratives on their heads, and we witnessed a string of exciting upsets. Most notably, Gambit Gaming dominated the competition, producing a 3-0 record and claiming first place in their group. Hence, we’re switching up our betting tips to […]
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