Betting on Streamers: the future of betting is here

Betting on streamers was an inevitable move for many esports betting sites considering the sharp rise of gaming and live streaming in the past few years. Fuelled by the growth of esports, the interest in live stream gaming has grown to extreme heights.

Across the various platforms such as Twitch, Facebook Gaming / Mixer, and Youtube Gaming, there exist tens of thousands of streamers live at any given moment with a range of different personalities. This has provided a much more engaging and entertaining experience for viewers compared to traditional videos of gameplay.


Streams are always continuously available, unlike esports events, where any significant and interesting event are limited to a handful of matches a day.

Considering millions of people globally view live stream gaming on a daily basis, the added entertainment and ability to bet on the outcome of streamer games has finally come.

Streamer betting rose in prominence organically with twitch bets placed on streamer rivalries and challenges, for example, the Yassuo vs. Tyler1 bet. While vastly different to the streamer betting today, it proved that the wide Twitch / stream viewership wished to come in on the action along with their favorite LoL streamers.

What is Unikrn?

Unikrn is one of the larger and more trusted bookmakers online.

Unikrn focuses on esports, covering a variety of different games ranging from larger names like League of Legends and CS:GO, to smaller markets like Kings of Glory, Street Fighter II and NBA2K.

Similarly, Unikrn is one of the extremely few sites that offers streamer betting and will be at the forefront of its integration into the twitch betting hype train.

Unikrn UMode

Betting on your favorite LoL streamers

Streamer betting as you may have guessed is still in its early stages, meaning it is still growing. These partnerships allow for additional revenue and exposure. Given the incentive for LoL streamers to engage in such partnerships, there is no doubt more of your favorite streamers will get in on the action.

Betting on LoL streamers may also be integrated with the traditional esports betting on League of Legends tournaments with the recent introduction of Twitch Rivals.

Twitch Rivals constantly brings some of the biggest names on the platform in officially organized tournaments by both Twitch and Riot games.

While LoL streamer betting is primarily focused on twitch bets, the rise of Mixer, Youtube Gaming and Facebook Gaming are steadily taking market share away from Twitch.

As these competing platforms grow, and the number of viewers and streamers transition, streamer betting will not only be limited to Twitch.

LoL betting markets

Like many of the existing esports League of Legends betting types, Unikrn offers a range of different options.

However, to reduce the likelihood of match-fixing or impact of stream sniping, betting types are orientated towards the streamer’s outcomes.

These include the number of kills, deaths or assists, towers taken down and dragon takens down as some of the more common betting types typically seen in traditional LoL esports betting.

Will match-fixing / throwing be a problem?

This is certainly the biggest issue with streamer betting considering the wide number of stream snipers.

Note, when you bet on a streamer, you are betting in a space with limited regulation, where there are no tight controls on the participants unlike other markets such as the pro scene.

Streamer betting is especially susceptible to match-fixing and throwing considering the prevalence of stream sniping even without monetary incentive.


Streamer betting will only get bigger

Streamer betting will only get bigger, with League of Legends consistently being one of the most streamed games in the world, it is only expected some of your favorite LoL betting sites will also get in on the action. However, many sites have yet to get in on the action, Unikrn being our top pick to enter the world of streamer betting.

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