Betway renews their sponsorship deal with Brazilian esports organisation MIBR

Posted on January 27, 2021 - Last Updated on February 22, 2021

Gambling and betting operator Betway has announced that they will be extending their current partnership with the Brazilian esports organisation MIBR through the end of 2021.

MIBR is a Brazilian esports organisation that operates under the control of the larger Immortals Gaming Club. This extension of the current Betway Sponsorship makes them the longest-running brand partner that the organisation has had.

According to their release, this is now the fourth year of the sponsorship and it will be marked with plenty of top tier content and unique activations for fans. If you are a fan of Immortal Gaming Club or MIBR, you can look forward to events similar to those held in 2020. Events like the successful “MIBR Stars – Brought to you by Betway” and “Lobby of the Stars” exhibition events last year, where MIBR players and influencers battled it out on fan favourite CS:GO maps are fan favourites and may see a return in some form or another.

In return for the support and funding that Betway is providing the esports organisation, the gambling firm will have their branding prominently placed on the players’ jerseys, at events, and on their website. Betway is also featured on other Immortals Gaming Club organisations such as Gamers Club, Ironclad, All33, and Overlock.

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The future for Betway

Betway are positioning themselves as an official sponsor of many CS:GO teams and events. It is clear that they see the esports title as their best chance to integrate themselves into the esports scene at large. They currently also sponsor tournaments and event organisers like BLAST, Beyond the Summit, ESL, and DreamHack.

Yuri “Fly” Uchiyama, Director of MIBR wrote in their press release,

“We are very happy to continue our partnership with Betway. As MIBR prepares yet again to play in the biggest tournaments in the world, our partnership with Betway and their continued support of the CS:GO community, particularly in Brazil, has helped us grow the largest, most passionate, and engaged fan base in the world. We look forward to working with Betway to keep building and developing new fans and future talent.”

In the same release, Adam Savinson, Head of Esports, Betway, said,

“In 2018, we had the great honour of becoming founding partners of MIBR, helping to re-launch this legendary brand. Today, we are renewing our agreement to continue our fantastic relationship, at what is a really exciting time. We’re looking forward to continuing to offer great insight and entertainment to CS:GO fans in Brazil and around the world.”

Sponsorships like the one with Betway and MIBR are great for the continued support of the esports scene in Latin America. Their partnership is based on content creation and that is important for the growth of the organisation’s fanbase and support in the region. This sort of sponsorship would not be as important if it was simply focused on branding deals. The act that Betway has committed to supporting the long term growth of the organisation speaks volumes to their commitment to the region.

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