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Polska Liga Esportowa Social

Top Polska Liga Esportowa 2018 Betting Bonuses

Few regional competitions can hold a candle to the Polish League of Legends circuit. This scene is filled with promising teams and talented up-and-comers that have a very real shot at breaking into the LEC. And if you want to follow it, there’s no better place to start than Polska Liga Esportowa! Not only is […]
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TCS 2018 Finals Predictions

TCS 2018 Finals Predictions

The TCS 2018—aka Tyler1 Championship Series—is the biggest amateur League of Legends tournament in North America. With a prize pool of $50,000, this competition acts as a battleground for the best Solo Queue players and personalities. Every TCS game is a raw, unrefined, and endlessly entertaining. And considering that’s a perfect environment for esports punters, […]
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ESL Meisterschaft Social

Best ESL Meisterschaft 2018 Betting Bonus

League of Legends is in the off-season! With that, punters from all over the world might feel like there’s not much betting action to be had in the scene. However, that only applies to those who don’t know about European regional competitions. Enter the ESL Meisterschaft 2018! This is one of the most notable tournaments […]
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Ultraliga 2018 Promo

Top Ultraliga 2018 Betting Bonuses

The Polish scene is one of the strongest pillars of the European League of Legends. And Ultraliga 2018 has recently become a part of it. This online tournament is a perfect opportunity to dust off your gambling skills and make some money in the process. With that in mind, our LoL esports experts prepared a […]
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Top Iberian Cup Betting Bonuses

Top Iberian Cup 2018 Betting Bonuses

It’s no secret that the Spanish League of Legends circuit is one of the biggest regional scenes in Europe.  Every year, thousands of viewers follow the LVP SuperLiga Orange broadcasts, and when that competition comes to an end, they tune into Iberian Cup. Sounds interesting? Here’s a brief overview of the tournament as well as […]
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Best NEST 2018 Betting Bonus

The main LoL esports scene may be on a break, but there are plenty of other League of Legends tournaments taking place in the off-season. One of the biggest one is the Chinese National Electronic Sports Tournament (or NEST 2018). The tournament is stacked with top LPL talent, so games are guaranteed to have a […]
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Superliga Betting Bonus

Best Superliga ABCDE 2018 Betting Bonuses

If you thought the League of Legends action stops in the off-season, think again! The major LoL esports competitions might be on hold, but punters still have a multitude of regional leagues and minor tournaments at their disposal. With that in mind, we take a look at the Brazilian off-season league Superliga ABCDE 2018 and […]
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League of Origin Betting Predictions

League of Origin 2018 Finals Betting Predictions

The LoL esports season is over, so all the major leagues are put on hold. But that doesn’t mean that League of Legends action has to stop! On the contrary, the scene is filled with regional leagues and minor tournaments, so we will be making betting tips and highlighting the best betting bonuses for these […]
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LoL Worlds Betting 2019

League of Legends Betting Worlds Guide – Play-In Day 4

The final day of the Play-In group stage is almost here! Group A went exactly as expected with EDG dominating both emerging regions and Dire Wolves clawing their way to the second-place finish. Meanwhile, Group B was more evenly matched, so there are serious doubts on who’s going to get the #1 seed there. With […]
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