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LoL Worlds Betting | Bet on the League of Legends World Championship

Few esports events can compare to the League of Legends World Championship 2022 (LoL Worlds 2022). It is the largest League of Legends yearly event and it brings together the strongest competitive teams from all over the globe. Given the many areas you can bet on, not only limited to the winning team, there is […]
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Best League of Legends Players of All Time: Top 20 List

To be regarded as one of the best LoL players of all time means you must excel in many aspects. This is because League of Legends is a highly strategic and team-oriented game, where mechanics don’t mean everything, even in the highest levels of play. Our top 20 best players of all time range from […]
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Best LoL Tournaments 2024: Regionals, Internationals and More

If you’re into League of Legends esports, you know the game has a thriving competitive scene with countless tournaments across the globe. However, there are only so many hours in a day. So, if you’re interested in following LoL tournaments or betting on League of Legends matches, it’s great to know which events deserve your […]
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LPL Betting Guide – Betting Tips for the LPL Spring Split 2023

The LPL is widely regarded as the strongest League of Legends championship in the world. Chinese teams came a long way and this only made LPL betting more exciting. Whether you plan on backing the top seeds or try your luck with underdogs for competitive LPL odds, this guide will help. The Chinese League of […]
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LCK Betting Guide – Betting Tips for the LCK Spring Split 2023

The LCK Spring Split 2023 has started and the top teams are back in the spotlight. Punters can take advantage of LCK betting opportunities and in this guide, we analyze the participating teams. The race promises to be intense as ever, with T1, GenG and DWG KIA the strongest contenders. Check out the in-depth analysis […]
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Perkz LoL World Championship

LEC Betting Guide – Betting Tips for the LEC Spring Split 2023

Much has changed over the last few years in the League of Legends European championship. G2 Esports is no longer the strongest team in the league and most of the top teams were unable to retain their best players. In 2021 MAD Lions stole the show and became the most successful team in Europe. They […]
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LCS 2023 Power Rankings – Team Liquid Builds a New Super Team

The 2023 LCS Spring split has starts on January 26, later than in previous years. While 2022 might have been a disappointing year for North America, with the region falling further behind their European counterparts, this new year represents an opportunity for NA to turn it all around. Three well known names are reentering the […]
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