Cloud9 vs TSM – LCS Match of the Week (2019 Spring)

Posted on February 28, 2019

Cloud9 clash with TSM on March 3! This is one of the most iconic matchups of North American League of Legends,so we’re going to break it down in our sixth LCS match of the week rundown of the 2019 Spring Split! Things are going quite well for Cloud9. Despite their shaky start in the 2019 LCS season, they’ve been getting better and better with every passing week. Their individual talent is impressive, but it’s their drafts and team cohesion that push them over the line that separates good teams from the great ones.

TSM are all about raw firepower. Most of their starters have a solid claim to being the best players in their respective positions, and those that don’t have plenty of potential to make up for it. Unfortunately, TSM are very hit-or-miss when it comes to putting this talent to good use, and while they can overpower their opponents in the early game, they can also fall apart when it’s time to macro and move around the map.

Cloud9 vs TSM Match Breakdown

Top Lane Matchup

There’s a good chance the Cloud9 vs TSM top lane will be the most explosive matchup of the game. With a 3.0 KDA and 8.0 CS per minute, TSM Broken Blade is a rookie that’s already playing with enough confidence and mechanical prowess to put most veterans on the back foot. That beign said, he does have a tendency to take more risks than he needs to, which makes him very volatile in the laning phase.

Licorice doesn’t suffer from the same issue. Sporting a 4.1 KDA and 8.1 CS per minute, Cloud9’s top laner is a battle-hardened veteran that mirrors Broken Blade’s strengths without sharing any of his weaknesses. His mechanical skill is impressive, but it’s the way he finds cross-map plays and works with his allies in teamfights that sets him apart from other top laners.

VERDICT: C9 Licorice takes over the top lane.

Jungle Matchup

Things will get hectic in the jungle. Holding a 3.1 KDA and 5.2 CS per minute, TSM Akaadian is a proactive jungler that’s looking to push his opponents into a corner from the first seconds of the game. He might be too aggressive for his own good, though, as he frequently goes for speculative plays that blow up right into his face. It’s also worth noting that there have been rumors of Grig’s return, but considering he hasn’t played a single game with TSM before week 6, it’s safe to say that he will be a worse option than Akaadian.

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Svenskeren used to suffer from the same issue. Sporting a 3.2 KDA and 5.2 CS per minute, C9’s jungler made a name for himself with creative ganks and aggressive invades. He did mature since his debut, though. With that, his aggression is much more measured than it used to be, and he should have no issues getting into Akaadian’s head and outmaneuvering him around the map.

VERDICT: C9 Svenskeren reigns supreme in the jungle.

Mid Lane Matchup

A different narrative takes place in the Cloud9 vs TSM mid lane. Sporting a 4.4 KDA and 9.0 CS per minute, Bjergsen is a seasoned veteran and a pillar of Team SoloMid’s roster. His laning is solid, his teamfighting is potent, and he rarely—if ever—commits mistakes in high-pressure situations.

C9 Nisqy pales in comparison. With an 8.1 KDA and 8.2 CS per minute, he’s a decent laner, but his real forte is finding key picks and making do-or-die plays in the mid game. However, Bjergsen is no stranger to clutch playmaking himself, so Nisqy will have a hard time getting an upper hand on his opponent.

VERDICT: TSM Bjergsen breaks open the mid lane.

Bot Lane Matchup

At first glance, it might seem like the bot lane matchup can go either way. With a 4.3 KDA and 9.2 CS per minute, Zven is a calm and collected marksman that shines in teamfights and river skirmishes. However, he doesn’t have the best synergy with his support Smoothie (2.5 KDA), and the two frequently end up on different pages in 2v2 trades and 5v5 battles. Combine that with the fact that Smoothie’s main strength is his playmaking, and TSM have a very volatile duo on their hands.

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Cloud9 don’t have to deal with this problem. Holding an 8.8 KDA and 8.9 CS per minute, Sneaky went from a passive teamfighter to one of the most aggressive AD carries in the league. And while Zeyzal (6.2 KDA) doesn’t pull the trigger as often as Smoothie does, he’s much better at picking his battles and setting his lane partner up for success.

VERDICT: C9’s Sneaky and Zeyzal win the bot lane standoff.

Cloud9 vs TSM Match Prediction

TSM are outmatched here. They don’t have the firepower to break through enemy defenses in the early game, and their macro isn’t nearly as refined to take on their opponents in the late game. Our prediction is a victory for Cloud9!

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