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Esports betting is now possible at all important bookmakers, including those that used to focus exclusively on traditional sports. Popular games such as CSGO enjoy ample coverage and one can bet on a wide spectrum of mainstream and special markets. The house edge is always there to give bookmakers a long-term advantage, but you can level the playing field if you always bet at top value. This is where CSGO odds comparison comes in, helping players maximize the profits of their successful bets.

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How do CSGO Odds Work?

CSGO betting odds are precisely what the name suggests and reflect the value you get for making accurate predictions. There is an indissoluble link between the odds offered by bookmakers and the chances for an outcome to come to fruition. The higher the odds, the lower the chances to win, hence the preference for low odds among risk-averse punters.

Instead of hunting for the elusive safe games, players should focus on finding the best CSGO odds. The goal is to identify those odds where value exceeds the risks, if you want to succeed in the long run. Calculating the return on investment is quite easy, as you multiply the stakes by the odds and get the total winnings. By removing the stakes from this total amount you end up with the net profit.

Types of CS:GO Betting Odds

Counter Strike Global Offensive is a complex first-person shooter with multiple betting options. Punters can bet on the outright winners, the team to prevail in a match for individual series or tinker with special markets. CSGO Vegas odds on this niche betting options are usually higher, but they also carry greater risks. What makes them special is that punters can spot big differences between them if they shop around at several bookmakers. Proper CSGO odds comparison can help them tap into their immense potential.

Pre-match betting markets

Bookmakers publish the CS:GO betting odds many days and sometimes weeks in advance. These allow punters to lock in on top value by betting before their peers become active and start wagering. Both main and special betting markets are available for pre-match betting so punters enjoy a great deal of freedom.

Live betting odds

The most exciting way of betting on esports, including first-person shooters is live. Major bookmakers have incorporated live streams into their websites, so punters can also watch the games as they unfold. In play wagering is immersive, but also challenging because the balance of forces shifts often.

Outright CSGO Vegas odds

The best CSGO odds are available to those who bet in advance on outright winners of major events. These odds are also the ones to be published the earliest, which gives punters a lot of time to shop around. CSGO odds comparison sites display the values side-by-side for punters to make an informed decision.

Why is a CSGO Odds Comparison Site Useful?

When it comes to sports betting in general and esports in particular, it pays off to always bet at top odds. Research goes a long way and punters can manually research the market to find the best paying bookies. Some operators stand out from the crowd by routinely offering top odds, while others occasionally step into the spotlight with great value on special events. CSGO odds comparison sites integrate all the information and display it in a coherent manner, therefore greatly simplifying the punter’s mission.

CSGO Odds Pinnacle

Pinnacle is widely regarded as one of the bookmakers offering the best CSGO odds. They are on par with what betting exchanges offer and this is something that they’ve been doing for many years. The selection of betting markets is slightly smaller, but the exceptional value in the odds more than makes up for it.

CSGO Odds Betway

Betway is a veteran bookmaker and one of the first to wholeheartedly embraced esports. They go well beyond first-person shooters and dedicate ample coverage to all important video games. There odds are above average and displayed in American and decimal, so players can choose the desired format.

bet365 CSGO Odds

CSGO odds comparison websites will always match the odds of top bookmakers against those offered by bet365. This is an industry leader in sports betting and an operator famous for its live betting offer. One can watch live CSGO streams while also betting in real-time on these matches at competitive odds.

The Bottom Line

All important bookmakers have a special section on the website dedicated to CS:GO betting odds. Most of them offer live betting alternatives and streams for players to watch the games live. The offer is truly exceptional, so the only challenge for savvy punters is to extract the maximum value from existing odds. Thorough CSGO odds comparison will turn their steps in the right direction and on long-term, maximize the profits made from successful bets.