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Posted on November 29, 2021

DJ Esports is a crypto currency friendly gambling operator with a solid selection of esports and amazing features. Above all, the entire portfolio of games and entertainment options can be enjoyed for free or real money. Players who are ready to deposit and gamble for real, can use MoonPay at DJ Esports to speed up and simplify the process. This feature makes cryptocurrency betting a breeze, by enabling clients to exchange real money for digital currency on the website.

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Cut Out the Middleman with MoonPay

DJ Esports is one of the leading crypto betting sites and a place where punters can gamble digital money security. The advantages of switching to crypto currency are multiple and include lower costs, faster transactions and enhanced privacy. The only thing that was missing was a tool capable of simplifying the process by cutting out the middleman. When you use MoonPay at DJ Esports you can exchange fiat currency for digital money on their platform, without the need for an external crypto exchange platform.

Until recently, punters who didn’t own crypto currency and wanted to play at DJ Esports would have to visit external crypto exchanges. Binance was the preferred choice for many, but with MoonPay recently integrated on their site things got easier. Now you can simply purchase cryptocurrency on their website with lower costs, shorter waiting time and totally secure. This represents an important milestone for DJ Esports and shows their commitment to embrace new technologies.

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The Best Gambling Options at Your Fingertips

The fact that you can use MoonPay at DJ Esports is a strong incentive to give them a chance if you are a cryptocurrency fan. This user-friendly feature has greatly simplified things for casual punters who want to give digital money gambling a chance. However, there are plenty of other arguments in favor of choosing this platform for sports, casino, video games and virtual sports betting. The licensed and regulated gambling operator enjoys a solid reputation internationally and treats its players fairly.

Read our DJ Esports review to find out more about their payment methods, security and legal aspects as well as the gambling opportunities. Above all, you’ll discover a bookmaker that offers competitive odds on sports and video games betting, with excellent in-play wagering. Enjoy free live streams on all the popular events and an excellent variety of mainstream and special betting options. Now that MoonPay can be used to facilitate crypto currency conversion, you’ve got another argument in favor of choosing them.

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