LoL Esports Betting Markets at the EU LCS – Week 4

Posted on July 10, 2018

The EU LCS Summer Split 2018 continues on July 13! The top European teams have just scored a decisive Rift Rivals victory over North America. And while the international tournament might seem detached from the regional league, this result it definitely introduces many exciting LoL esports betting markets!

Team ROCCAT vs Unicorns of Love

There’s no denying that Team ROCCAT and Unicorns of Love are very close with each other. ROCCAT’s 3-3 record places them right in the middle of the EU LCS standings 2018, but UOL are only a single win behind them. Moreover, both lineups put a strong emphasis on the early game, so there’s a high chance this match will turn into a bloodbath.

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And yet, ROCCAT most LoL esports betting markets would consider ROCCAT the favorites. Don’t get us wrong, Unicorns of Love are a decent team. The duo of Exileh and Kold is quite powerful in mid/jungle 2v2s, and Totoro exacts insane amounts of pressure with his roams. But despite their strengths, Unicorns are too volatile for their own good. Every skirmish, every teamfight is a gamble, and UOL prefer to charge in at full speed instead of picking their battles.

Granted, ROCCAT often find themselves in similar spots. However, the 3-man core of Profit, Memento, and Blanc is adept at finding new ways to break open the game. And once ROCCAT get an early lead, they press it until they reach the enemy Nexus.

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G2 Esports vs Misfits

This is a tough one. Both G2 and Misfits stand at the top of the EU LCS Summer Split 2018 power rankings. G2 base their game plans around smart drafts and pick/ban strategies. Every single champion they choose serves to empower Wunder and Perkz, who have a solid claim to being the best solo laners in Europe. In the past, this meant playing gold funneling comps and playing around hypercarries. However, Rift Rivals revealed that G2 have no issue falling back on a wide range of conventional strategies, so it makes sense that LoL esports betting markets view them as the best team in the league.

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Meanwhile, Misfits don’t have as much versatility. Their drafts usually come down to traditional marksmen-focused team compositions, but it’s the way they play them that really makes the difference. This team thrives on aggression. Alphari, Maxlore, and Hans Sama are the driving force behind this momentum, as they’re always eager to get up close and personal in lane and in teamfights.  Moreover, Sencux picked up the slack in the mid lane, so Misfits no longer have any glaring weaknesses in the laning phase.

So, which side holds the advantage? Each team is strong in its own right, but G2 are going to be fatigued after their grueling Rift Rivals run. As for Misfits, they took a break from playing on stage while carefully studying G2’s playstyle. And this is the perfect opportunity to put that prep to good use.

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H2K vs Unicorns of Love

Once again, we take a look at the Unicorns of Love game. This time, though, it’s a very different matchup with very different LoL esports betting markets. H2K Gaming are a very slow-moving team. They’re at their best when they can drag out the match long enough to reach the late game territory, as their carries excel in those do-or-die teamfights. Unfortunately, the current meta is as far removed from this playstyle as it could possibly get.

UOL Betting Markets

Meanwhile, Unicorns of Love are renowned for their proactivity. Sure, many of their moves backfire against stronger teams, but H2K doesn’t have enough brawn to punish UOL’s overaggression. And as long as Kold or Totoro find a slight opening, Unicorns will have no issues taking over the game.

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