2018 EU LCS Summer Split Predictions – Week 1

Posted on June 13, 2018 - Last Updated on July 29, 2020

The EU LCS Summer Split 2018 start is right around the corner! It kicks off on June 15, so we’ve prepared comprehensive betting tips and predictions for week 1 of the competition. There are many things to consider like roster moves, meta changes, player strengths, and team potentials. So, strap yourselves in, and let’s get right to it!

EU LCS Match Predictions – Day 1

Team Vitality vs Splyce

Previously, this would be a very close matchup. However, this is the EU LCS Summer Split 2018, and the current hyper-aggressive meta turns Vitality into the heavy favorites. This team is all about securing early advantages and pressing these leads to the absolute limit. Jiizuke is the undisputed MVP, and while he won’t be able to bust out his legendary Taliyah, he’ll find other ways to make impact the map. And players like Gilius and Minitroupax will also come in handy thanks to their explosive firepower.

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Splyce are much more controlled in comparison. Their laning phase isn’t the best, and they prefer to play it safe until they reach the mid game. Their main strengths lie in the jungle and bot lane, and Xerxe and Kobbe were the main reasons they climbed the EU LCS 2018 standings last split. But not even this duo will be enough to hold off Vitality’s onslaught!

BETTING ADVICE: You can bet on Team Vitality taking the W for odds of 2.10 @Betway.

Giants vs H2K

This is a weird one. Both Giants and H2K excel in late-game scenarios, but their playstyles aren’t suited for the current meta. Giants made a name for themselves by abusing scaling team comps and relying on Djoko to carry them through the early game. Moreover, they got rid of their most promising player—Targamas—and replaced him with a mediocre support in SirNukesAlot.

But H2K find themselves in a similar spot. In a way, Giants should be grateful for playing the first match against them because any other opponent would provide a much rougher EU LCS Summer Split 2018 start. H2K’s laning phase is riddled with holes. And it’s only because of Shook and Selfie that they can avoid falling apart in the early game.


With that, it might seem tough to make accurate EU LCS Summer Split predictions for this matchup, but H2K have a considerable advantage. Their teamfighting. H2K are kings of large-scale battles, and as long as Giants don’t blindside them with unorthodox tactics, they will clinch the game with confident 5v5s.

BETTING ADVICE: You can place a wager on H2K defeating Giants for odds of 1.60 @Betway.

Unicorns of Love vs FC Schalke 04

Unicorns of Love came together at the end of last split, but unfortunately, it was too little too late. Now, they’ll be looking to make an EU LCS Summer Split 2018 comeback. Most UOL players are on board with turning the game into a string of hectic skirmishes, but it’s Kold, Totoro, and Exileh that stand at the vanguard of their offensive. And they’re good at it too. If that wasn’t enough, Unicorns have great synergy, which makes them surprisingly competent in structured teamfights.

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As for Schalke, they are a… complicated team. When their roster was first announced, everyone expected them to rise to the very top of the EU LCS 2018 standings. However, they couldn’t even break into the playoffs, as the entire team seemed content sitting back and doing nothing in the early game. To make matters worse, their AD carry Upset was committing blatant mechanical errors, so Schalke couldn’t pull through in the late game either. And even though Amazing might fix a few shot calling issues, it won’t be enough to turn this team around.

BETTING ADVICE: You can bet on Unicorns of Love winning the match for odds of 2.22 @ArcaneBet.

G2 Esports vs ROCCAT

G2 might’ve fallen down from their throne, but they’re still a force to be reckoned with. The 3-man core of Wunder, Jankos, and Perkz is already potent. But it’s the fact that the duo of Hjarnan and Wadid finally came together that pushes this EU LCS Summer Split 2018 team to another level. And keep in mind that the individual strength is far from G2’s only advantage, as their macro and game plans are some of the best in the league.

Meanwhile, ROCCAT are very one-dimensional. They have good solo laners in Blanc and Profit, but their real star is Memento. Everything hinges on his performance, so once he falls short in the early game, ROCCAT are as good as dead. And if there’s one man that knows how to shut down enemy junglers, it’s G2 Jankos.

BETTING ADVICE: Most bookmakers seem to share our EU LCS Summer Split predictions, so you can only bet on G2’s victory with odds of 1.38 @ArcaneBet. The value is quite slim, so it’s best to just skip this wager.

Fnatic vs Misfits

This is closer than it looks! Fnatic are coming home after a grueling MSI run, so their play might be rough around the edges. Of course, their talent is immense. Rekkles and Caps alone completely overshadow most carries in the EU LCS Summer Split 2018. And when you mix in capable players like Broxah and Hylissang, you get a very explosive mix to work with.

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As for Misfits, they will be looking to make a resurgence. The spring failure is still fresh in their memory, so they’ll be looking at the first EU LCS Summer Split 2018 dates to assert their dominance. Misfits are all about pressure and momentum. And most of their players have the raw talent to challenge Fnatic.

BETTING ADVICE: This matchup is favoured for Fnatic, but Misfits won’t go down without a fight. If you’re feeling lucky, you can bet on Misfits pulling off an upset for odds of 2.55 @Betspawn. But since the matchup is so volatile, we’d advise you to skip it.

EU LCS Match Predictions – Day 2


Here’s another close game to kick off day 2! We’ve already mentioned that ROCCAT are very much focused on the early game. They also have solid splitpushing threats like Profit and Blanc, so they have a way of dealing with H2K’s fearsome teamfighting. Ultimately, the match will come down to the jungle standoff between Memento and Shook. The former will be looking to set up his solo lanes with constant ganks, but the latter will try to staunch this bleeding. And since the current meta favors the bold, our EU LCS Summer Split predictions are also leaning towards ROCCAT.

BETTING ADVICE: You can bet on ROCCAT winning the match for odds of 2.07 @Betspawn.

Misfits vs Unicorns of Love

If you look at the EU LCS Summer Split 2018 schedule, this is one of the more exciting matchups of the week. Misfits are a tempo-based team, but Unicorns of Love will be willing to fight fire with fire. At times like these, individual talent is key. But Unicorns won’t be able to target the main enemy weakness—Sencux—because Exileh isn’t that stable either. Meanwhile, Misfits can put inordinate amounts of pressure on WhiteKnight thanks to the Alphari/Maxlore duo. And Kold will have a hard time stopping them.

BETTING ADVICE: You can bet on Misfits disassembling Unicorns of Love for odds of 1.60 @Betway.

Giants vs Team Vitality

Okay, do you even need EU LCS Summer Split predictions to tell the outcome of this match? A late game team like Giants will struggle against Vitality’s wild energy. Even when you look at the carries, Betsy won’t be able to keep up with Jiizuke, and Steelback will fall short of Minitroupax. And while other psoitions are a bit more balanced, Giants are still outmatched on individual and stylistic levels.

BETTING ADVICE: You can bet on Vitality taking down Giants for odds of 1.57 @Betspawn.

FC Schalke 04 vs Fnatic

There’s no worse opponent for Schalke than Fnatic. As a team that does best in the later stages of the gmae, FC Schalke 04 want to do everything in their power to stall the match out. But you can’t stop the lightning in the bottle that is Fnatic. Not only will Rekkles obliterate Upset in the bot lane, but Broxah will do the same thing to Amazing in the jungle. And Schalke can only pray for weaker opponents at later EU LCS Summer Split dates.

BETTING ADVICE: You can bet on Fnatic destroying Schalke for odds of 1.40 @Betway. Granted, these odds aren’t great, but this is as close to a surefire bet as you can get.

Splyce vs G2 Esports

The EU LCS Summer Split 2018 schedule isn’t kind to Splyce. They can definitely show up as long as they don’t fall too far behind in the early game, but G2 Esports aren’t going to give them this luxury. Splyce’s mid and top lanes will come under fire, so the only place they can play around is the bot lane. But even then, Kobbe and KaSing aren’t dominant enough to overwhelm Hjarnan and Wadid. With that, Splyce don’t have any real win conditions, so G2 will seamlessly take over the match.

BETTING ADVICE: You can bet on G2 scoring a victory for odds of 1.60 @Betspawn.

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