European Masters Summer 2019 Quarter-finals predictions

Posted on September 20, 2019 - Last Updated on July 24, 2020

Below you can find our predictions for the European Masters LoL Summer 2019 Quarter-finals. The matches will be played between Saturday 21st Sep and Sunday 22nd Sep. Do not miss all the action: watch the EU Masters Summers live below and place your bets with the best LoL betting sites.

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Mousesports vs. Excel UK

Mousesports are looking extremely solid, surpassing the expectations of many with their win over Rogue Esports Club earlier in the group stage. While their early game need improvement, their mid game decision making and fighting are top tier. Excel UK on the other hand have failed to find success in small skirmishes over their time, weakening their chances against mousesports.

Schedule: 21th September – 18:00

Prediction: Mousesports 67% l Excel UK 33%

Rogue Esports Club vs. Vodafone Giants Spain

Yet another close match with Rogue Esports Club narrowly missing first place in Group A, while the Vodafone Giants Spain topped their own group utilising their excellent map control. Rogue stands a strong chance if they claim an early lead, however, if they fail to do so, it is likely the giants will takeover the map with superior rotations and vision in the mid to late game.

Schedule: 21th September – 21:00

Prediction: Rogue Esports Club 41% l Vodafone Giants Spain 59%

Berlin International Gaming vs. Team LDLC

While Berlin International Gaming were not fairing too well in the play ins stage, they had completely turned around performance being undefeated in groups. Team LDLC, while dropping a game to the tournament favourites, Fnatic Rising, remain a strong competitor. This match will be a tough one for both teams, with champion select playing a pivotal role.

Schedule: 22th September – 18:00

Prediction: Berlin International Gaming 53 % l Team LDLC 47% vs. Fnatic Rising while a decently strong team, performing well throughout the year, have received the short end of the stick, matching up against Fnatic Rising. Fnatic Rising, as the sister team of Europe’s top team, even though they had been recently brought back, are looking exceptional. Fnatic without the doubt have the edge over

Schedule: 22th September – 21:00

Prediction: 37% l Fnatic Rising 63%

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