FIFA Betting Sites 2021

Bet on Top FIFA Matches at the Best Odds


Football is the most popular sport in the world, so not surprisingly, it is also much appreciated among videogame fans. EA Sports picked up on the vibes a long time ago and since then, released a multitude of games in the FIFA franchise. Today, their game is the only one that has made it as esports, with FIFA betting sites providing multiple wagering opportunities. In the paragraphs below, we take a closer look at the best places to bet on FIFA and teach you how to use betting tips successfully.

Top FIFA Betting Sites 2021


The quest for the best esports betting sites begins with a thorough evaluation of the current market. The good news is that the vast majority of the gambling operators providing video games betting opportunities have added FIFA to the list. Instead of scarcity, you will be confronted with the paradox of choice. This is where we can help you make the right decision by guiding your steps in the early stages. We look at everything from licensing, odds and betting options to payment methods to customer support.

What to consider when choosing the best FIFA esports betting site

Everything matters when choosing a long-term partner, especially when analyzing FIFA betting sites 2021. We have singled out the six most important criteria that punters should consider to make the right choice. All of them are important and when used in conjunction can deliver the best results. If you check all these boxes, the only surprises you have with your bookmaker will be pleasant ones.

  • Variety of betting markets – the best FIFA betting sites will allow punters to bet on mainstream and niche markets. The latter include special in-game events, such as the total number of goals, the team to score first, the results at half time and many more.
  • Advantageous betting odds – the only way to offset the house edge is by finding value in the odds available. Esports books that offer an average return to player of more than 90% for FIFA are to be considered. Below this value, it is very difficult to make a profit in the long run.
  • Welcome offers and other awards – welcome bonuses are essential for setting players on the right foot when depositing for the first time. The best FIFA betting sites 2021 will offer a generous esports bonus to new players with reasonable wagering requirements.
  • Ease of use – the betting platform must be intuitive, compatible with mobile devices and easy to navigate. The best bookmakers make all the betting markets easily accessible with just a few clicks. This includes live betting, with odds that are updated quickly and minimum delays when placing bets. Quick validation of winning wagers is also a sign of a good bookmaker.
  • Payment options – a high number of financial instruments gives players more flexibility when depositing and cashing out funds. They should be able to load the account instantly and without commission, while waiting no more than three days for cash outs.
  • FIFA mobile betting options – modern esports books are fully compatible with mobile devices and allow punters to bet exclusively on smartphones and tablets if they prefer. Betting in browser is the standard package, but top operators have dedicated apps that players can download for free.

FIFA Esports Tournaments and Prize Pools

The surging popularity of FIFA as an esport led to a steep increase in the number of tournaments. Prizes also followed the upward trajectory and the best paying ones are run by EA SPORTS. There are dozens of tournaments every year, but if you want to focus on the most important events, consider these four.

  1. FIFAe Club World Cup – this is the biggest tournament and one that enjoys excellent coverage as major bookies such as GG.Bet. The Covid 19 pandemic led to the cancellation of the previous event, but the previous competition was a huge success. Nearly 500 teams participated in the online qualifiers, with 42 making it to the grand event with a guaranteed prize pool of $245,000.
  2. FIFAe Nations Cup – this tournament begins with games played at domestic level, as each country selects its most competent players. The main event has 24 spots, with the FIFAe Nations Cup bringing together players from all over the world. It is split into 5 regions, with teams from South America, North & Central America, Asia & Oceania, Middle East & Africa and Europe.
  3. FIFAe World Cup – this is another major tournament with hundreds of thousands of dollars in the prize pool. Compared to the previous event mentioned here, it focuses on national teams rather than clubs. It is an event that appeals to national pride and provides players with the incentive to do their best. Punters can bet on their national teams or take a more pragmatic approach.
  4. FIFAe Continental Cup – this tournament was founded in 2020 and it is now the highlight of the EA SPORTS™ FIFA Online 4 Series. Teams of three players each compete for the main prize in a competition that features 16 teams. It begins with the group stage that sends the two most successful players to the playoffs wearing elimination rounds are played all the way to the final.

What is FIFA Betting eSoccer?

FIFA is the most successful football simulator in the world, with hundreds of millions of copies sold. The game faithfully recreates actual football action and it is played by exactly the same rules. Punters bet on the winning team, at the end of a match that theoretically has 90 minutes. When it comes to FIFA betting eSoccer the duration of the match is considerably shorter, but the game structure stays the same. There are two identical halves followed by overtime and penalties in elimination games.

FIFA-based eSport eSoccer tournaments can have specific rules and regulations depending on the type of the tournament. Players can bet on FIFA Ultimate Team Game Mode, where participants build a virtual team made of real life players. These perform on a weekly basis in the strongest leagues worldwide and their performance in real life influences the online status. This type of wagering bears many similarities with fantasy sports, which are popular in the United States. Some of the best FIFA betting sites 2021 have added fantasy sports to their collection as an alternative to traditional sports betting.

Fantasy FIFA Betting League

Daily Fantasy Sports provide a convenient and secure alternative for punters who can’t bet on classic markets. Dedicated fantasy soccer site such as DraftKings run multiple competitions throughout the year. Participants get a standard amount that they can spend on players, in their quest to create the most competitive team. One of the key criteria when assembling the team is to balance the books, so you don’t run out of money and exceed the salary cap.

Fantasy FIFA betting league uses precisely these concepts in a tournament that runs throughout the year. Players accumulate points based on how the footballers in their team perform in real life. Changes can be made throughout the season, so punters can readjust their strategy based on what happens in major football leagues. Several actions performed by players on the pitch such as goal scores, assists, tackles won and shot on goal generate points. The overall performance of the team is also very important.

Three top tips for Betting on FIFA

In order to be successful when betting on FIFA you should consider these three top tips. Assuming you read our review and chose it or another of the top FIFA betting sites 2021, these tips can tilt the balance in your favor.

  1. Analyze form and head to head results – two teams compete against each other in FIFA, but essentially, there are two players trying to emerge victorious. The head to head results are very important, but it’s also essential to consider recent performance to pick the player in better form.
  2. Hunt value in the odds available -if you chose a solid esports book, you’ll be able to bet at high odds on FIFA. The challenge is to find those odds where the potential rewards exceed the risks. Instead of betting on favorites, try to find those players that are overpriced by bookies.
  3. Master the art of live betting – some of the most appealing betting opportunities are available to those who bet live. There’s a narrow window of opportunity when betting in-play, but you can take advantage of some of the changes. Pick FIFA betting sites 2021 that refresh the odds quickly


FIFA betting sites can provide you with the opportunity to bet on the most popular football simulator. EA Sports has created a phenomenal franchise and a game that currently dominates the esports arena. Analyze the form and head to head results of competitors and seek value in the odds available while exercising proper bankroll management. Follow this advice while betting at reliable esports books and you’ll make betting on FIFA both fun and profitable.