FlyQuest vs Team Liquid – LCS Match of the Week (2019 Spring)

Posted on February 7, 2019

Who would’ve thought that FlyQuest vs Team Liquid would be our LCS match of the week? Yet, here we are. FlyQuest are no longer the bottom feeders they used to be. Their drafts are surprisingly coherent, and they tend to enter their games with solid team compositions and structured game plans. And while FlyQuest don’t have any star power, they make up for it with synergy and macro prowess.

Team Liquid are all about big names and individual talent. Their roster is filled with battle-hardened veterans that know full well how to get early leads and snowball them into game-winning advantages. On top of that, Team Liquid are great at navigating the map, and you can count on them to be a step or two ahead of their opponents.

FlyQuest vs Team Liquid Match Breakdown

Top Lane Matchup

V1per is definitely performing way better than expected. With a 3.1 KDA and 8.6 CS per minute, FlyQuest’s rookie top laner is showing up with flashy carry performances and holding his ground against veteran opponents. That being said, he suffers from a distinct lack of game knowledge, so you can’t count on him to make the right calls in teamfights or pull through in splitpushing scenarios.

The same can’t be said about Impact. Sporting a 3.1 KDA and 8.6 CS per minute, he’s one of the most experienced top laners in the world, and he always finds a way to make his presence known on the map. In the past, he was weighed down by his reputation of a tank only player, but his recent showing on Akali leads us to believe that his champion pool is much wider than we suspected.

VERDICT: TL Impact outmaneuvers V1per in the top lane.

Jungle Matchup

There’s no denying that FLY Santorin is a good player. Holding a 7.8 KDA and 5.2 CS per minute, he’s a veteran jungler with a good sense for pathing and tracking the enemy jungler. And while he might not be the most explosive player, his measured ganks and solid objective control turn him into a great asset for his team.

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Unfortunately, he’s going against the king of supportive junglers in this FlyQuest vs Team Liquid matchup. With a 7.7 KDA and 5.7 CS per minute, TL Xmithie might’ve spent his last four games on Lee Sin, but he’s at his best when he’s playing utility-focused champions and setting up counter ganks for his laners. Granted, he will have a hard time matching Santorin in 1v1s, but he will strike back in teamfights and skirmishes.

VERDICT: FLY Santorin secures a slight lead in the jungle.

Mid Lane Matchup

Pobelter has always been good in North America. With a 13. 7 KDA and 8.8 CS per minute, he’s excellent at making cross-map plays and dominating teamfights. However, his lane presence is lacking, and it’s common for him to fall behind in CS against top-tier mid laners.

Unfortunately for Pobelter, he’s going against Jensen. Sporting a 13.0 KDA and 9.3 CS per minute, TL’s mid laner is a mechanical prodigy that puts a strong emphasis on laning and teamfighting. His sense for roaming isn’t as developed as that of Pobelter’s, but then again, will it even matter if Jensen just smashes his opponent 1v1

VERDICT: TL Jensen conquers the mid lane.

Bot Lane Matchup

FlyQuest’s bot lane shows a lot of promise. Sporting a 6.8 KDA, WildTurtle is a daring marksman with a knack for skirmishing and playmaking. And even though his support JayJ (3.8 KDA) is a bit green, he makes up for it with strong initiations and a wide champion pool.

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But even this duo will struggle to hold its own in the FlyQuest vs Team Liquid matchup. With a 12.3 KDA and 10.5 CS per minute, TL Doublelift is confident AD carry with the perfect combination of razor-sharp mechanics and natural game sense. On top of that, he’s supported by CoreJJ (9.8 KDA), who routinely steals the show with his potent playmaking.

VERDICT: TL’s Doublelift and CoreJJ claim the bot lane as their own.

FlyQuest vs Team Liquid LCS Match Prediction

FlyQuest might be a strong team, but that’s not going to cut it against the force of nature that is Team Liquid. TL outclass their opponents in four out of five positions, and they should have no issues using their individual leads to take over the FlyQuest vs Team Liquid matchup. Our prediction is a clean victory for Team Liquid!

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