FlyQuest vs TSM – LCS Match of the Week (2019 Spring)

Posted on February 21, 2019

FlyQuest are about to face TSM on February 24! Our League of Legends experts make betting predictions for the clash that has all the chances to become the fifth LCS match of the week! FlyQuest definitely made their presence known in North America. Despite an evident lack of star power, they did a great job of highlighting the strengths of their players. They also developed a strong understanding of the macro game to the point where they already look like a team that’s been playing together for ages.

TSM are very rough around the edges in comparison. Their roster is stacked with individual firepower, but they don’t know the best ways to use it. Nevertheless, TSM make a conscious effort to push themselves out of the comfort zone and employ a proactive playstyle in an otherwise passive league. Their teamfighting deserves a separate mention, and TSM routinely pull off spectacular outplays and come out on top in some of the most hopeless battles.

FlyQuest vs TSM Match Breakdown

Top Lane Matchup

The top lane is going to get volatile in this FlyQuest vs TSM match! Sporting a 3.1 KDA and 7.9 CS per minute, Broken Blade is a daring playmaker and a capable splitpusher that became the heart of the 2019 Team SoloMid lineup. However, he has a tendency to go too deep and opt for high-risk plays without weighing whether or not they’re actually worth it.

V1per shares a lot of these traits. With a 3.1 KDA and 8.5 CS per minute, FlyQuest’s top laner is a rookie that’s already playing with enough gusto and confidence to put LCS veterans on the back foot. That being said, his lack of experience shows in the later stages of the game, and while he has a deadly Riven pocket pick in his arsenal, it won’t be enough to swing this matchup in V1per’s favor.

VERDICT: TSM Broken Blade breaks through the top lane.

Jungle Matchup

Jungle will be a clash of playstyles! With a 3.0 KDA and 5.0 CS per minute, Akaadian is an explosive jungler that wants to overwhelm his opponents from the first minutes of the game. Much like Broken Blade, though, he has a hard time controlling his aggression, so it’s common to see him overstepping his limits and leaving himself wide open to enemy counterattacks.

Santorin is much more measured in comparison. Holding a 6.6 KDA and 5.1 CS per minute, he’s a seasoned veteran with a knack for pathing and working together with his teammates. That’s not to say he’s not capable of making plays, though. The risks that Santorin takes tend to be very calculated, but if he sees an opening to kick-start a fight, he will give Akaadian a run for his money.

VERDICT: FLY Santorin claims the jungle as his own.

Mid Lane Matchup

It might not seem like it at first glance, but the mid lane will also act as a battleground between two conflicting styles! With a 4.1 KDA and 8.7 CS per minute, Bjergsen is a legendary mid laner that made a name for himself by providing a solid foundation for multiple TSM rosters. However, he’s recently shifted towards a much more aggressive approach to the game to suit the needs of his teammates.

Meanwhile, Pobelter is the rock of the mid lane. With an 8.7 KDA and 8.4 CS per minute, he doesn’t exert a lot of pressure in the laning phase, but he makes up for it with great roaming and teamfighting. Still, Pobelter always struggled to hold his own against capable aggressive mid laners, and Bjergsen definitely fits this description.

VERDICT: TSM Bjergsen breaks through the mid lane.

Bot Lane Matchup

There’s going to be a lot of action in the FlyQuest vs TSM bot lane. With a 4.2 KDA and 9.0 CS per minute, Zven is a measured marksman that routinely tops the damage charts in teamfights and skirmishes. He’s accompanied by a confident initiator in Smoothie (2.2 KDA), who goes above and beyond to set up good fights for his carry.

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FlyQuest also have a powerful duo on their hands. Sporting a 4.5 KDA and 9.9 CS per minute, WildTurtle is an explosive carry that makes ADCs look like playmakers. However, his support JayJ (3.2 KDA) doesn’t have a ton of LCS experience, and he usually has to go on tanks to cover his weaknesses and provide a frontline to his lane partner.

VERDICT: TSM’s Zven and Smoothie take charge of the bot lane.

FlyQuest vs TSM Match Prediction

FlyQuest might have a slight macro edge, but TSM are much more dominant in the early game. As long as they don’t let Santorin run free in the jungle, they should have no issues securing leads and snowballing them into game-winning advantages. Our prediction is a victory for TSM!

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