Fortnite Betting

A walktrough on Fortnite gambling and betting odds


Is Fortnite an esports?

Fortnite is currently one of the most popular games in the world, in spite of being a relatively new addition to the online gaming ecosystem. It was released in September 2017 and it already has nearly 300 million registered users, a figure that is constantly growing. Not surprisingly, Fortnite betting has also gained traction among fans of the games with a keen eye for esports betting. It was embraced by bookmakers specialized in esports betting such as and Unikrn, as well as mainstream operators.

Players who have learned how to bet on Fortnite are inclined to put their skills to the test in competitive multiplayer. The question they are asking is Fortnite an esports? In spite of being a new addition to the esports arena, it is one of the most promising games and with great opportunities for growth. This provides new players with a chance to attain pro-gamers status in what could be the esports of the future.

Fortnite Gameplay

Inspired by the tremendous success of PUBG, Fortnite is a classic battle royale version that is perfectly suitable for gambling. Esports betting reviews will highlight the fact that Fortnite betting only applies to the classic version and doesn’t include the Fortnite Save the World and Fortnite Mobile options.

Those who are familiar with battle royale video games will find its gameplay to be strikingly similar. It all begins with 100 players starting on a small map that looks like an island and concludes with just one man standing. Fortnite betting sites provide punters with the opportunity of picking the individual winner or the winning team to cash in on the Fortnite betting odds offered.

The gameplay is fast-paced and sooner rather than later an all-out brawl will happen, but there is also some level of strategy. Successful Fortnite gambling implies the fact that punters can identify the teams that are better at gathering resources and weapons. Securing an advantageous position and defending it is also an important skill that needs to be factored in when it comes to Fortnite betting

There’s a lot of competition between players, as everyone races to acquire as many resources and weapons early on. Those who fail in the initial stages are unlikely to get far, but being overly confident is also a mortal sin. Live Fortnite betting odds will change based on how far ahead or behind individuals and teams are, which makes in-play wagering particularly challenging.

The Fortnite gameplay rewards fast reflexes and accuracy, but a clear mind is also important. That’s because players can also create custom structures, which help them defend against better-armed opponents. With all these things in mind, it is self-evident that Fortnite betting requires a healthy degree of research and a thorough understanding of the game.

Best Fortnite Betting Sites

The surging popularity of this battle royale game has led to an increase in the number of Fortnite betting sites. As mentioned above, esports specialists such as and Unikrns cover this game, but there are also traditional bookmakers who picked up. They focus mainly on mainstream events and the number of betting options is relatively limited to basic markets.

Finding the best Fortnite betting sites requires some research, as there are several other things to consider in addition to Fortnite betting odds. The number of special markets matters for veteran gamers, as well as the possibility of betting live on matches that are underway. The best esports books will publish the odds many days in advance which gives punters the chance to bet on the outright winners of tournaments.

Since this game is a relatively new addition to the esports ecosystem, punters are just learning the ropes. As they try to figure out how to bet on Fortnite, many are inclined to settle for second best. In the paragraphs below, we will take a closer look at how to find the best Fortnite betting sites. A little bit of research goes a long way and if you make the right decision, you will reap long-term benefits.

Even before you learn how to place Fortnite bets, you should try to find the best place to gamble. There’s no shortage of Fortnite betting sites, so you shouldn’t make compromises and take unnecessary chances. The defining criteria when choosing one bookmaker or the other should be the strength of its license. Choose an operator that is licensed by the UK GC or MGA if possible and pay attention to local regulations. It is always recommended to gamble at a bookmaker that is licensed in your country.

The next focal point of attention is the Fortnite betting markets and odds. You should be able to bet on the major tournaments many weeks before they start. The best websites will publish the odds soon enough for punters to take advantage of top value. Once the tournament begins, each game should be properly covered with a diverse selection of pregame and live markets.

The best Fortnite betting sites are supposed to offer competitive odds on both mainstream and niche markets. If there is one compromise that you should never make is in regards to the quality of the odds. These are the guarantee that you will thrive in the long run and have a chance to offset the house edge.

Fortnite betting sites are also expected to provide live streaming services straight on the website, so punters can watch the games as they unfold. On the off chance that such a feature is not implemented, punters can simply head on to streaming platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. These are also good sources to watch streamers, as some of the most accomplished Fortnite players broadcast their games here. Betting on streamers isn’t yet an integral part of Fortnite gambling but this could be the future.

Bonuses, Support and Payment Methods at Fortnite Betting Sites

An abundance of betting markets, competitive odds and solid live betting options are expected from the best Fortnite betting sites. Other important elements to consider when prospecting the market include customer support, payment methods and bonus offers. These are important pieces of the puzzle that can make the difference between an average website and a top esportsbook.

Bonuses should be available to new players who complete the registration process and make the first deposit. These are usually the most generous ones, followed by reload bonuses, free bets and cashback deals. Pay attention to the wagering requirements, so you can convert bonus funds into amount that can be withdrawn. This will make your Fortnite bets more meaningful and help you boost your bankroll.

When it comes to customer support, several channels of communication should be available. The best websites will offer 24/7 assistance over live chat, email and phone, while also having an FAQ section. As for payment methods, they need to be fast, reliable and process transactions with little to no fees. A mix of credit and debit cards, wire transfers and e-wallets is desirable. Some of the modern Fortnite betting sites have also added crypto currency deposits on the list of accepted banking options.

Another potential direction for Fortnite betting is given by sports fantasy sites, which are likely to pick this game up soon. Fans from the US will be the main beneficiaries of such a shift, as traditional sports betting is not yet permitted nationwide. For the time being, major events, are the core of Fortnite gambling as such tournaments are the focal point of bookmakers offering Fortnite betting odds.

Fortnite Betting

Fortnite Betting Strategies

Compared to other esports, battle royale games don’t seem to have as much depth and luck plays a bigger role. Given the fact that so many players are pit against each other on such a small map, there is a lot of room for random events to occur and throw players off balance. Professional players such as Ninja, TSM Myth, Arkhram, or DrLupo stream their games on Twitch, and watching them gives players a pretty good idea of what to expect during the game.

As in all other forms of betting, Fortnite gambling rewards those who undertake some research by watching professionals in action. The community of pro-gamers is constantly rising, as people find the growing prize pools appealing and motivating. You can find online detailed statistics and leader boards, by using intuitive tools that can be acquired for free such as Fortnite Tracker. There’s a lot of information regarding the win rate, kills/death/assist ratios, and other important figures.

Top Tips for Fortnite Betting

Using the aforementioned strategies can help you increase your winning rate in the long run. Players can craft their own strategies and try original systems that are based on their experience and expectations. As a newcomer learning the ropes and joining the best Fortnite betting sites, these are the top tips to consider:

  1. Play the game first to understand the core game mechanics
  2. Bet on major tournaments and stick to mainstream betting markets
  3. If you bet in real-time, then watch the games on live streams
  4. Keep the stakes low and exercise solid bankroll management
  5. Use the available tools such as Fortnite Tracker to gather information
  6. Review your betting performance to identify any mistakes made
  7. Take advantage of bonuses and offers at Fortnite betting sites
  8. Stick to single bets as a beginner and resist the temptation of accumulators

Fortnite Tournaments

Fortnite betting is currently limited to a handful of major tournaments, but there are already significant prizes to be won. The competitive season consists of a series of tournaments that run throughout the year and three events stand out from the crowd. Fortnite Champions Series, Solo Cash Cup, and Fortnite World Cup bring together the best players and dish out the biggest prizes. The World Cup is the most anticipated event, as it acts as a Grand Final that wraps up the season and it is featured by most esports books.

Every year more people watch the game on Twitch and there are more companies sponsoring streamers and flagship tournaments. This means that there is a high likelihood of new tournaments to be hosted in the next year and more Fortnite betting opportunities. Live wagering and betting on streamers is also at the horizon, following the pattern we have already witnessed in other popular videogames.

The Future of Fortnite Betting

This video game can no longer be regarded as a brand-new addition to the Battle Royale genre. It has plenty of fans and it is particularly popular among the young audience. Most of the players who pick up this game are young, enthusiastic individuals, with plenty of time on their hands. This means that there’s an excellent chance for the game to be played for many years to come.

Fortnite was recently elevated to the status of esports and opens up brand-new opportunities for punters. Only a small percentage of its players will become pro-gamers, but the player base is incredibly broad. As more people start playing Fortnite, the number of professional gamers will also increase. The game already enjoys a lot of attention on the big stage and the number of tournaments is growing every year.

The bottom line is that the future of Fortnite betting looks particularly bright. This game has everything it needs to be successful with online bookmakers and its popularity will continue to grow. Matches are short enough to keep things exciting for punters and the game is suitable for live betting. There are sufficient markets to keep veteran punters interested and give an edge to those who have played the game.

Fortnite betting FAQs

The number of bookmakers offering Fortnite betting opportunities is relatively limited to a handful of esports books. Mainstream bookies are also paying attention to this fast-rising game and some of them have added it to the list of featured titles.

Depending on your country of origin, you might have to be 18 or 21 years old, to legally sign up for an account and bet on Fortnite. 18 is the standard, but punters should do their due diligence and carefully read the terms and condition before signing up.

Assuming you have the legal age set by the regulators in your country, you should be able to play the game legally. All types of betting are illegal in some nations, while others have specific restrictions that apply, so prior research is needed.

The vast majority of bookmakers have made their websites compatible with mobile devices. This means that punters can bet on any sports and video games, including Fortnite on smartphones and tablets. You can do it straight in the browser or by downloading a dedicated app.