G2 vs Fnatic: 2019 LEC Summer Playoffs Predictions

Posted on August 30, 2019

G2 vs Fnatic clash on August 31! This is the most anticipated Bo5 of the 2019 LEC Summer Split, as fans on both sides are dying to find out which team is the best in the region. With that in mind, our experts just had to prepare a quick breakdown for this series!

2019 LEC Summer Round 2 Predictions: G2 vs Fnatic

It’s hard to overstate just how good G2 are. Half the time this team is just messing around and experimenting with off-meta picks, yet it had no issues climbing to the top of the LEC standings. G2’s roster is stacked with veteran talent. Whether it’s Caps breaking open the mid lane, Wunder putting on a show in unconventional matchups, or Perkz and Mikyx overwhelming their opponents in 2v2s, they have countless ways to attack their opponents. Throw in a playmaking jungler that knows exactly where he needs to be on the map, and this team is already looking set to win the G2 vs Fnatic series.

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Fnatic are no pushovers either. Sure, their champion pools aren’t as deep as those of G2, but they make up for it with a very refined and systematic approach to the game. Their carries—Rekkles and Nemesis—are downright oppressive in the late game, but they need time to hit their power spikes. So Fnatic rely on the 3-man core of Bwipo, Broxah, and Hylissang to keep their opponents busy in the early game. They have the tools to challenge G2 Esports, but we just don’t see them doing so for 5 games in a row.

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