GG.BET Meets Punters Halfway with Personalised Feed for Sports and Esports

Written By Florin on July 27, 2022 - Last Updated on July 31, 2022

GG.BET is a top esports betting site and one of the most popular destinations for punters and esports enthusiasts. It has a distinguished track record and made a name for itself as an innovator in the sports betting industry over the years. The gambling operator stays true to its name and adds a brand-new feature that customers can use right away for free. This personalised feed works for both sports and esports, so you can use it when betting on football, tennis, or other sports as well as video games.

GGbet Personalised Feed

How does the Personalised Feed work?

The name is self-explanatory, and the personalised feed allows you to focus on the games and sports you are more interested in. Behind it, there is a smart algorithm that has the capability of identifying and feeding the individual preferences of users. Since there are so many betting options on the platform, this feature will come in handy and streamline sports betting.

This innovative feature will analyze players’ betting patterns to distinguish between the favourite and least favourite sports. The goal is to find those games and betting markets important to players while filtering out those with no interest. Past behaviour and recent betting options are factored in by intelligent software that can make educated predictions.

The personalised feed goes beyond sports and championships to focus on individual teams and betting types. If you bet more often on a certain athlete or prefer a specific competition, the feed will provide you with betting suggestions revolving around them. esports plans to go a step further, suggesting particular bet types, such as singles, accumulators, and niche markets.

The Perfect Tool for Esports Betting

CSGO betting fans and those who routinely bet on esports will be the main beneficiaries of this new and innovative instrument. Many tournaments come on both domestic and international for Counter-Strike, League of Legends, and Dota 2 fans, as well as less popular esports. The personalised feed will allow players to stay up to date with the latest betting options on all these video games. It won’t work in a casino and virtual sports betting, so it is tailored exclusively to the needs of punters in the sports and esports betting sections of the platform.

Keep in mind that this is a new feature, which can still be tweaked to deliver better results in time. Players will make the most important contribution by using it, as the more data it collects, the more accurate the predictions are. The algorithm will learn and become more effective, so your personalised feed will truly reflect your preferences. For the time being, you should check out the YouTube video below to get a better sense of what GG.BET has prepared for you.

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