Hearthstone Betting Guide 2021

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Hearthstone has won the hearts and minds of people enjoying free digital collectible card games. Developed by Blizzard Entertainment, it builds on the popularity of the Warcraft series and its rich lore. To date it is the only game of this type that has made it to the status of esports and is played at the highest competitive level. Hearthstone betting sites offer multiple wagering opportunities for the fans of the games and punters can bet on prominent tournaments throughout the year.

The Best Hearthstone Betting Sites


Best Tournaments to Bet on Hearthstone 2021

Compared to other esports, Hearthstone has a smaller, but just as enthusiastic community of players and punters. These tend to bet on the flagship tournaments, which enjoy proper coverage at top Hearthstone betting sites. Three competitions stand out from the crowd, with the Masters Tour and Grandmasters keeping players interested throughout the year. It culminates with the Hearthstone World Championship, which brings top players into the spotlight in a dazzling display of skill.

Hearthstone Masters Tours and Qualifiers

The Masters Qualifiers are the bread and butter of punters seeking for weekly Hearthstone bets. That’s because they are the most numerous ones and take the way to the Masters Tour. These games take place on the Battlefy platform and welcome anyone willing to showcase abilities and skills on the grand stage. Qualifiers consist of nearly 30 tournaments, during which punters can check out the Hearthstone best decks and the most promising new players. They take place in all the important regions, with European, American and APAC servers welcoming players from worldwide.

Those who compete in the qualifiers will follow the Specialist Hearthstone competitive format. Decks belong to the same class and players assign primary, secondary and tertiary decks with up to five cards swapped. Players who perform well in the Masters Qualifiers get a ticket to a Masters Tour tournament which has a guaranteed prize pool of $250,000. These tournaments run throughout the year and some of the biggest events take place in Arlington, Montréal, Madrid, Los Angeles and Jönköping. The most successful players advanced to the Hearthstone Grandmasters which have even greater prizes.

Hearthstone Grandmasters and World Championship

Two events enjoy the undivided attention of Hearthstone betting sites. Hearthstone Grandmasters feature the best 48 players in the world and they come from the top three regions. The matches are broadcasted in real-time on the official Twitch channel over the course of eight weeks. These tournaments have a prize pool of $500,000 and participants are handpicked by Blizzard Entertainment. In addition to claiming a share of the guaranteed prize pool, the top 8 players advance to the Hearthstone World Championship.

This is arguably the most anticipated event dedicated to this popular digital card game. It is played in a dual tournament format until only four players are left in the race and they compete in a single elimination bracket. Hearthstone bets include wagers on the tournament winner and finalists, different match winner options and other special markets. The odds are published well in advance, so punters have plenty of time to place their bets and take advantage of the highest values available.

Hearthstone Betting Sites Markets and Odds

Depending on the magnitude of the tournament, esportsbooks will offer more or fewer betting markets to Hearthstone fans. Qualifiers and local competitions provide players with limited betting options. Special markets are reserved to those betting on flagship tournaments, such as the Masters, Grandmasters and the Hearthstone World Championship.

Match winner bets are the most common and straightforward options for those who bet on Hearthstone 2021. Just as the name suggests, you are supposed to bet on the player that will win the game, with the odds highlighting the difference between participating players. When betting on major tournaments, match winner bets are available live to give punters more freedom of choice.

Betting on the tournament finalist and winner is another straightforward endeavor, with a clear outcome. If you pick the winner, the player of choice must emerge victorious for the back to finish in the money. The tournament finalist wager is a suitable alternative for risk-averse punters who don’t want to wait until the winner is crowned. As long as the player makes it to the final, the bet is a winner regardless of how he or she performs in the final act of the tournament.

Hearthstone betting sites also allow punters to place turn bets on selected events. It is more suitable to veteran gamers who are familiar with the fundamentals and the game intricacies. In order to correctly predict how many turns are needed before the game ends, deep knowledge is needed. Understanding the current meta, the strength of individual decks and how they counter each other is vital to succeed.

Special bets are only available on major tournaments and they involve a certain degree of randomness. You can bet on Hearthstone 2021 specific cards to appear, in-match tasks to be completed and so on.


Hearthstone Betting Tips

Successful Hearthstone punters follow a recipe for success that consists of these ingredients. There are plenty of other things to consider, but these three stand out from the crowd is the most important.

  • Bet at the best Hearthstone betting sites – playing at reputable esportsbooks gives you the peace of mind of gambling in a secure environment. You will also enjoy bigger than average odds and access to promos and special bonuses. The number of betting markets, mainstream and special bets will also be superior.
  • Play Hearthstone before betting – if you learn Hearthstone at a decent level, you will have a better understanding of the game mechanics. This will help you place smart bets on upcoming tournaments, as well as individual matches. Players have a certain advantage over punters who haven’t played before.
  • Check out Blizzard’s Hearthstone updates – the game developer publishes updated reports regarding the new decks and meta changes. This is invaluable information when betting on special markets in major tournaments. Following streamers can also help get up to speed with the latest changes.