How to Make Money With League of Legends

A few decades ago, the idea of earning money by playing games was nigh inconceivable. Gaming occupied a grey area between a casual hobby and a complete waste of time, and parents frequently scolded their children for sitting too long at their computers. Now, thousands of gamers from all over the globe earn a living playing, writing, and gambling on esports.

And League of Legends is a huge part of this trend.

Developed and released by Riot Games at the end of 2009, this title took the formula coined by Warcraft’s DotA mode and refined it to the point where League of Legends became the most popular competitive game in the world. This led to millions of viewers tuning in to LoL esports broadcasts and venture capitalists routinely making massive investments into the esports infrastructure. There is a lot of money in the scene. With that, we decided to highlight 10 ways on how to make money with League of Legends!

1. Bet on Yourself With Unikrn’s UMode

There’s no better way to earn money playing LoL matches than to put your stock into your own skill. And while going pro isn’t for everyone, Unikrn’s UMode can certainly give you a taste of high-stakes gameplay! The gist of it is that you can bet on your own Summoner’s Rift performance.

All bets are made with Unikoin Gold tokens, and if you succeed, you’ll be able to exchange your winnings for League of Legends skins, tournament tickets, jackpot entries, and more. Odds are automatically calculated based on your ranking and match history. And the best part? The outcome of the bet is entirely in your own hands!


2. Esports Betting With Traditional Sportsbooks

The rise of esports is one of the central themes of the 21st century, so it’s not exactly surprising that traditional sportsbooks are trying to keep up with the times. These days, operators like 10Bet, Betway, and Pinnacle consistently offer odds on LoL esports matches, and you can bet on anything from major leagues (LCS, LEC, LCK, LPL) to international tournaments (MSI, Worlds, Rift Rivals).

Of course, you’ll also have to get good at predicting the results of competitive games. But as long as you keep expanding your game knowledge and honing your gambling strategy, this can be a great way to make money with LoL esports games.

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3. Esportsbooks Specialized on Esports

Traditional sportsbooks aren’t the only ones riding the esports hype train. Bookmakers like ArcaneBet,, and VulkanBet started out exclusively as esports-focused platforms, and while they eventually branched out to casino and sports betting, they still remember their gaming roots.

So, what does this mean in practice? Well, you can expect a wide selection of markets on these sites, including LoL-specific wagers like first team to destroy and Inhibitor or first team to kill Baron Nashor. Combine that with exclusive promotions and broad live betting opportunities, and esportsbooks present a great answer to the “how to make money with League of Legends” question.

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4. Esports Betting Pool Websites

Every veteran gambler knows the difficulty of betting against the bookmaker. Sure, you can win if you play your cards right, but that doesn’t change the fact that the deck is stacked against you. Enter esports betting pool websites! Unlike conventional bookies, providers like Thunderpick and allow you to bet directly against other gamblers.

The way it works is that all bets are placed into a single pool and the payouts are calculated by dividing that pool among the winning gamblers. The only downside is that odds tend to fluctuate depending on the public’s opinion, but as long as you account for the variance, this is still a solid way to make money with LoL matches.


5. DFS (Fantasy LoL Esports) on DraftKings

If you’re searching for another answer to the “how to make money with League of Legends” question, look no further than fantasy League of Legends esports at DraftKings. This is by far the most popular type of gambling in the United States of America.

The main difference from conventional esports betting is that instead of putting your money on match results, you’ll be betting on player performance. The more kills, assists, and objectives your players get, the more points you receive—and gamblers with the highest amount of points are declared the winners. Another thing to note is that you don’t always need to be #1 a fantasy contest to get your payout, as some tournaments reward everyone that finished in the top 10% or even 50%.

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6. Streaming on Twitch/Youtube

Alright, but what if betting isn’t your cup of tea? What if you just want to make money playing League of Legends? In that case, the most obvious choice is streaming on Twitch and YouTube. Both sites provide ample opportunities to put your LoL gameplay out there, and countless content creators earn a living at these platforms.

However, not everyone has what it takes to be a streamer. As a rule of thumb, you need to have the skill or the personality to keep your viewers engaged. You will also need to get a truckload of patience and put in thousands of hours before to get noticed. But if you’re looking to find out how much money do League of Legends players make, streaming will certainly put you in the upper half of the earnings table.

7. Coaching Other Players

Streaming isn’t the only way to earn money playing LoL. League of Legends revolves around competition, so many players are naturally drawn to the idea of improving their gameplay. And that means they’re interested in coaching. There’s a constant demand for good educators in the League of Legends scene, and professional coaches like Nick “LS” De Cesare earn up to $150 per hour by coaching casual players.

Moreover, you can get good enough to become an analyst, assistant coach, or even head coach of a professional team, and even though these positions don’t come with the best job security, they’re a great answer to how to make money with League of Legends.

8. Go Professional

Anyone who’s ever followed a LoL esports tournament has probably asked themselves how much money do League of Legends players make. The answer usually depends on the region. For instance, the average salary in the North American LCS is estimated to be around $320,000, but the numbers are lower in Europe and South Korea.

However, the salary isn’t the only reason why many fans view pro-gaming as a dream job. There’s something captivating in saying that you earn money playing LoL matches with some of the best players in the world. Granted, it takes a lot of talent and effort to qualify for this job, but it can definitely be worth your while.

9. Write Analytical Articles and Match Predictions

When someone is asking themselves how to make money with League of Legends, writing is usually the last thing they come up with. Yet, it’s by far the most accessible one. LoL esports is popular all over the world, so many companies are drawn to authors and content creators with a good understanding of the pro scene. And there’s plenty of room for growth for someone willing to hone their craft.

On that note, we’re always looking for new authors to join our EsportsBettingSites team, so make sure to shoot us an email if you’re interested in creating quality League of Legends content!


10. Apply for Business or Marketing Jobs in the Esports Industry

Everyone dreams of being a pro player, yet it’s easy to forget about all the people surrounding them. Team managers, tournament organizers, marketing professionals, and social media representatives are all vital parts of the esports ecosystem. Granted, they don’t earn money playing LoL in a traditional sense of the phrase, but they contribute a lot to the growth and success of competitive gaming.

The easiest way to become a part of this scene is to apply for a social media job, as esports organizations are constantly looking for creative people to represent their brand on Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter. You can also try your hand at apparel design, team management, or other trades that are deeply intertwined with competitive gaming.

Final Word on How to Make Money With League of Legends

In this day and age, the idea to make money with LoL is no longer a pipe dream. There are countless moneymaking opportunities in the worlds of gambling, streaming, coaching, and writing. And if you decide you want to make money playing League of Legends, there’s nothing stopping you from having a successful career in esports.