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Betting Tips for the LCK Spring Split 2022


The LCK Spring Split 2022 has started and the top teams are back in the spotlight. Punters can take advantage of LCK betting opportunities and in this guide, we analyze the participating teams. The race promises to be intense as ever, with T1, GenG and DWG KIA the strongest contenders. Check out the in-depth analysis of LCK teams and make the most of the spring split.


T1, GenG and DWG KIA are the Main Favorites

LoL betting sites have already published the odds for the outright winners of the LCK Spring Split 2022. T1 is at the top of the list, mainly because of its ability to retain key players while strengthening the rotation. Faker is not going anywhere and will continue to wreck havoc on mid-lane. He can rely on his trusted teammates Oner, Gumayusi, and Keria, with only Canna traded to Nongshin RedForce. T1 should easily qualify for the playoffs and our LCK predictions suggest a win-win in postseason.

GenG has a team packed with talent, as Chovy, Doran, and Lehends have joined during the season break. Not surprisingly, Betway esports ranks them as the second favorites to win the trophy. The fact that these three new additions have played together for Griffin, further reinforces that conviction. Peanut in the jungle and Ruler are the other players that GenG can be relied to lead them to victory. They have already proved their quality by defeating DWG KIA, the 2020 World champions.

Damwon Kia is definitely weaker than it was in 2020 and even 2021. That’s because only Showmaker and Canyon have remained, while Deokdam and Kellin joined from NS RedForce. These are not necessarily weak players, but feel like a step down from what the team had to offer last years. The good news is that LCK betting sites offer bigger odds on them to win, especially against top teams. We still trust DWG KIA to qualify for the playoffs with ease and make a deep run in postseason.

Three Playoffs Place is Up for Grabs

Esports betting sites clearly expect the aforementioned teams to qualify for the playoffs without breaking a sweat. This means that the remaining seven teams will compete for the other three eligible places. We believe that four them stand out from the crowd as more likely to advance to the decisive round.

DRX has a solid roster and in spite of starting the season poorly they should be able to qualify for the playoffs. Kingen and Pyosik have remained with the team and will be joined by Deft and Beryl. The new bottom lane is very strong in the fact that the two players have competed together is a plus. Zeka will take the solitary role in mid lane and he’s got the talent to keep DRX in the race.

Nongshim RedForce changed most of its players, but the new additions look excellent. Canna, Dread, Bdd Ghost and Effort should be able to deliver the kind of performance LCK betting sites expect. The beauty of betting on this team is that the odds are competitive, even when taking on weaker opponents. They can cause major upsets against the top-performing teams, so keep an eye on them this Spring Split.

KT Rolster is another team capable of delivering outstanding performances when least expected. That’s because they’ve acquired Rascal and Life from Gen.G, players capable of crushing the lane. Cuzz came from T1 through free agency, while Aiming and Aria have also joined the team. The problem with KT Rolster is their inability to close matches and punters should be careful with late game LCK betting

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LCK Betting Gets Spicy at the Bottom of the League

Some of the most difficult LCK predictions to make involve the teams competing at the bottom of the standings. These three teams have little to no chances to make the playoffs, as they’ve lost key players since 2021. We don’t expect more than one to qualify for the playoffs and that’s the best-case scenario.

Kwangdong Freecs change their name and much of the starting formation. They’ve acquired Ellim, Teddy and Hoit from T1, but only Teddy is a top performer. FATE from Sandbox isn’t exactly a game changer either, so the new talent is far from impressive. Kiin will retain his position in top lane and he should be able to deliver the kind of consistency the Kwangdong Freecs need.

Fredit BRION should’ve changed the entire roster after the subpar performance of 2021. Instead, they decided to stick to UmTi, Lava, Hena and Delight. Consistency is insured, but these players are simply not good enough to challenge the best LCK teams. Sword and Morgan will play in top lane after Hoya left and we expect them to alternate in this position. The safe LCK betting option is to wager against them.

Hanwha Life Esports is perhaps the biggest train wreck of this Spring Split. They’ve lost all their talented players when Chovy and Deft left and the replacements are subpar. LCK betting sites routinely offer high odds on them to win regardless of opponents. DuDu, Vista and Willer remain, but they were nothing to shout for last season. Karis and SamD have joined yet they are not good enough to make a difference.

Only a miracle can propel Liiv Sandbox to the playoffs. Our LCK predictions routinely see this team finish in the last place or near the bottom. Croco will still play in the jungle but he is not enough to make a difference. Gen.G Challengers supplied most of the new talent, as Ice, Envyy and Kael replaced FATE and Effort. Clozer will do his best in top lane but this is just the drop of talent in an ocean of mediocrity.

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