LCS Bets, Tips, and Tricks  – Week 9 of 2019 Spring

Posted on March 21, 2019

Week 9—the last week of the 2019 LCS Spring Split—begins on March 23! We’re in for some high-stakes games, as North American teams will be pulling out all stops to break into the playoffs. With that in mind, our League of Legends experts prepared a list of LCS bets, tips, and tricks for the upcoming matches!

LCS Bets, Tips, and Tricks – Day 1

Cloud9 vs FlyQuest

Cloud9 might be in the top-2 when it comes to win/loss records, but numbers can be misleading. Their players aren’t performing as well as they should, and Zeyzal, in particular, is all over the place with his positioning. Moreover, C9 keep opting for speculative drafts and questionable team comps that are very difficult to execute on stage. That’s not to say they’re a bad team, and they can still outmaneuver their opponents in teamfights and mid game rotations. They’re just not as dominant as they used to be.

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FlyQuest are gaining momentum. Their side lanes exert ridiculous amounts of pressure, and V1per and WildTurtle have already cemented themselves as strong carry threats. If that wasn’t enough, Pobelter and Santorin form a great duo, making FlyQuest surprisingly potent in mid/jungle skirmishes. Still, their biggest forte is macro. Whether it’s rotations, objective setups, or vision control, you can count on FlyQuest to approach the strategic part of the game from the right angle. And there’s only so much a weakened C9 can do to oppose this.

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LCS Bets, Tips, and Tricks – Day 2

CLG vs Echo Fox

Things aren’t going well for CLG. Their decision to bring in Auto so late in the season was speculative at best, as it put a stop to what little momentum they had. On top of that, their players committing mechanical errors in lane and outside of it, so CLG frequently find themselves falling short in fights they have no business losing. Combine that with the fact that they have no clue how to navigate the early/mid stages of the game, and it’s not exactly surprising that CLG are at the bottom of the LCS standings.


Echo Fox had a sudden resurgence towards the end of the regular season. Some of it comes from Rush being more reliable in the jungle, as he’s no longer giving up random kills with brash ganks and overaggressive invades. However, most of their momentum comes from their carries. Fenix picked up the slack in the mid lane, and his teamfighting became the cornerstone of Echo Fox’s game plans. The same applies to Apollo, who had a number of solid showings on lane bullies and scaling marksmen. And as long as these two show up on the match day, Echo Fox should have no issues outmuscling CLG in lane and capitalizing on that lead in teamfights.

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