LCS Betting Odds – Week 2 2019 Spring Split

Posted on January 31, 2019

The 2019 LCS Spring Split resumes on February 3! Week 1 of the competition turned the balance of power on its head with its twists and unpredictable upsets. Of course, such a turn of events can be a pain if you want to make accurate predictions for the second week of the competition. Don’t worry, though, because our League of Legends experts have already done their homework to highlight the most generous LCS betting odds and gambling opportunities!

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LCS Betting Odds – Day 1

TSM vs Echo Fox

Our LCS betting odds breakdown kicks off with the TSM vs Echo Fox matchup! TSM may be 1-1 after the first week of the competition, but this scoreline doesn’t reflect the actual state of the team. Broken Blade proved to be a massive upgrade in the top lane, and his mechanical prowess and instinctual game sense already put the likes of Ssumday and Huni on the back foot. The same applies to Akaadian, whose confident playmaking turned into a pillar of TSM’s early game. Zven and Smoothie also seem to have meshed in the bot lane, which, combined with Bjergsen’s veteran presence in the mid lane, makes for a very promising roster.

Of course, TSM aren’t without fault. Their team play and shot calling are rough around the edges, as they’ve yet to develop much synergy with each other. But if they keep performing the same way they did on week 1, we have very high hopes for this lineup.

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It’s hard to say the same about Echo Fox, as their roster suffers from a distinct lack of firepower. Solo is likely the worst top laner in the league, and he has a hard time holding his ground in the laning phase on anything other than tanks and robust bruisers. And while Fenix and Apollo are capable carries, they aren’t solid enough to come out with strong performances on a regular basis. Another worrying point is Rush. It feels like Echo Fox don’t know how to use his playmaking talents to the fullest potential, so they stick him on a passive Karthus pick and pray he doesn’t fall too far behind in the early game. .

That being said, Echo Fox did show some promise in their game against Golden Guardians. If they can get one of their lanes going, they have decent enough macro to set up the right dives and pressure the right objectives. Our only worry is that they might not be in this position very often.

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CLG vs FlyQuest

We’re only one week into the LCS, but it’s already clear CLG are going to have a rough time. Their attempts to incorporate a pair of promising rookies—FallenBandit and Wiggily—into their roster backfired, as neither of the two looked ready to play on stage. Their veterans aren’t pulling their weight either, and Darshan and Stixxay collapsed under the weight of mechanical missteps and decision-making blunders.

But individual errors pale in comparison to CLG’s overall lack of coordination. This team has no idea how to navigate the map and play around its win conditions. With that, it’s common to see CLG run out of steam towards the later stages of the game—and that’s not a great look for a professional League of Legends team.


FlyQuest don’t suffer from the same issues. Despite the departure of their previous head coach, FlyQuest are stronger than ever when it comes to securing objectives, setting up vision, and working together in teamfights. In fact, this macro prowess is likely the strongest part of their team, so they should have no issues outmaneuvering CLG on the Rift.

Their players aren’t too shabby either. Pobelter is like a fish in the water on Galio and Lissandra, and WildTurtle is a force to be reckoned with in the bot lane. Hell, even V1per stepped up his game with a number of impressive showings on carries. Combine that with a veteran jungler in Santorin, and FlyQuest have all the tools they need to outmuscle their current opponents.

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LCS Betting Odds – Day 2

OpTic Gaming vs Echo Fox

The final matchup in our LCS betting odds breakdown is between two teams that were supposed to be at the bottom of the standings. Yet, somehow, both of them aren’t nearly as bad as we thought they would be! OpTic Gaming may be taking on the LCS with four Academy players, but they’re already looking like a coordinated team.

Crown is playing well in the mid lane, and his laning and teamfighting presence turn him into a focal point of this roster. What’s more surprising is that OpTic are also strong in the side lanes. Both Allorim and Dhokla managed to hold their ground in the top lane position, and Asta and Gate proved surprisingly potent in the jungle. Combine that with an explosive jungler in Dardoch, and OpTic have the perfect team dynamic to become one of the best LCS lineups.

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Echo Fox aren’t too shabby either. Their synergy could use a lot of work, as they’re often not on the same page in teamfights and skirmishes. However, their roster still packs quite the punch. Solo may not be the most accomplished top laner in the region, but he knows how to do stand up for himself and do his job with minimal resources. Meanwhile, Fenix is renowned for his mechanics and lane dominance, so Echo Fox always have strong mid laner to play around. Throw in a solid Apollo/Hakuho duo, and this team is as well-rounded as OpTic.

Our only worry is Rush. It’s painfully obvious that Echo Fox don’t know how to use his playmaking talents. On top of that, he doesn’t have much synergy with his laners, which is akin to a death sentence for a jungler. And while Echo Fox could cover this weakness against some of the least coordinated teams, they’re going to have a hard time doing the same against OpTic.

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