LCS Fantasy League Recap: 10 New Players to Consider in 2020

Posted on February 19, 2020 - Last Updated on April 9, 2021

The most competitive North American LCS season in recent history has started, with Cloud9 crushing opponents, while Team Liquid struggles. Visa problems were to blame for the reigning champions’ week start, as their jungler and coach were prevented from joining. Overall, it is the influx of gifted players that has level the playing field, as the 10 LCS teams have their rosters loaded with talent. These 10 pro-gamers will likely make the most significant impact, therefore they should be considered for any LCS fantasy draft and LoL esports bets.

1. Ry0ma for 100 Thieves

Ry0ma has joined 100 Thieves after an excellent performance in Australia and he’s expected to make the team more dangerous in mid-lane. This is a talented player, but he’s also under tremendous pressure to prove himself, after joining from what is regarded as a minor region. Ry0ma is an excellent choice for LCS fantasy drafts, because of his relatively low price tag and undeniable talent.

Ry0ma Team 100Thieves

2. Blaber for Cloud9

Results speak louder than words and with six victories in just as many matches, Cloud9 are the dominant force in the LCS. The decision to promote Blaber from the Academy team paid off lavishly and this young player is likely to stick around for quite a while. He has big shoes to fill, as he replaces Svenskeren who was the last seasons MVP but so far, his performance has been impeccable.

3. Crown for Counter Logic Gaming

PowerOfEvil was for many years, the most important player for CLG and widely regarded as one of the best mid-laners in the LCS. Crown is here to replace him and the former World Champion has the quality to make the absence of POE go unnoticed. If he finds the synergy needed with Wiggily, Crown could take Counter Logic Gaming to new highs in 2020 and improve their performance on the international stage.

4. Huni for Dignitas

Team Dignitas have returned to the LCS and their roster is made of a mix of veterans and new players. Huni is one of the most experienced pro-gamers in their rotation and one of the greatest initiators of action on the Rift. His explosive plays will surely cause the hearts of LCS fantasy fans to skip a bit, but overall Huni is a great addition to Dignitas.


5. Svenskeren for Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses have high expectations for their first season in the LCS and in order to fulfill them, they had to bring in the best League of Legends players. Svenskeren is the reigning MVP and a player with tremendous experience in the league with TSM and C9. The success of Evil Geniuses will depend on the synergy between its talented players, but their jungler is likely to play the dominant role in 2020.

6. IgNar for FlyQuest

FlyQuest is one of the most underrated teams in the North American LCS, just like the support role is among League of Legend players. Having said this, having an experienced and talented player in this position can make the difference between success and failure. IgNar has joined FlyQuest after tasting success with Misfits in 2017 and together with PowerOfEvil he’ll be an invaluable help for the new team.

7. Goldenglue for Golden Guardians

Golden Guardians are among the LCS underdogs, largely because of their inexperienced roaster. Goldenglue is one of the new players to have joined the team in 2020 and one of the most committed members in their rotation. This is a player who had to overcome a lot of adversity and because of the low expectations for his new team, Goldenglue should play pressure-free and accomplish great things.

8. sOAZ for Immortals

Immortals have entered the LCS stage with high expectations and they count on sOAZ to help fulfill them. He has tremendous experience at the highest level, after reaching the Worlds Finals on two separate occasions. sOAZ will play alongside countryman Eika, but what will matter the most is the manner in which he performs alongside Xmithie, the new Immortals’s jungler.

9. Broxah for Team Liquid

Team Liquid was expected to crush the competition once again this season, but their poor start was caused by the absence of a great jungler. Broxah has finally arrived to replace Xmithie and Fnatic’s veteran is more than up for the challenge. He is one of the best players in the world on this position and his arrival should help Team Liquid restore its former glory and make another push for the playoffs.

Broxah for Team Liquid

10. Dardoch for TSM

Team SoloMid used to be a strong contender in the LCS and the most successful team overall in NA. They struggled recently against their archrivals Team Liquid and were in dire need of a good jungler. Dardoch is a talented player, but one that has the tendency to lose his cool when he needs it the most. If he finds a way to contain those emotions and improve his warding skills, he’ll make TSM great again.

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