LCS Finals 2019 Summer Breakdown

Posted on August 23, 2019

The final round of the LCS 2019 Summer playoffs begins on August 24! We’re in for an explosive best-of-five series between Cloud9 and Team Liquid as well as a third-place match between CLG and Clutch! Will C9 claim their first LCS trophy in five years? Will TL reaffirm their status as the best League of Legends team in North America? And will CLG stand their ground or fall prey to Clutch Gaming’s aggression? Find the answer in our LCS Finals 2019 summer breakdown!

LCS Third-Place Match 2019 Summer: CLG vs Clutch

Before we get to the LCS Finals 2019 Summer, let’s take a look at the third-place match between CLG and Clutch. Most of this series will be decided in draft. Clutch Gaming can be very deadly when they get champions like Rumble, Qiyana, Gangplank, and Skarner, as evidenced by their 5-game series against Team Liquid. Their playstyle hinges on Huni, Lira, and Damonte getting their comfort picks and dragging their foes into a string of never-ending skirmishes. However, they’re not nearly as potent when they have to play the game by the book.

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Meanwhile, CLG are the very embodiment of “slow and steady wins the race”. A lot of their strategies come down to drafting a solid teamfighting composition and executing well-timed rotations in the mid game. And while their players aren’t the best in the league, you can count on the likes of Ruin, Wiggly, and PowerOfEvil to hold their own against Clutch Gaming’s trio. Throw in solid coaching staff, and CLG have all the tools they need to set themselves up for success and claim that bronze medal.

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LCS Finals 2019 Summer: Cloud9 vs Team Liquid

Cloud9 are a cut above most teams in North America. A huge reason behind this is flexibility. C9 employ a variety of playstyles, and their ability to seamlessly shift between teamfighting, splitpushing, and dominating the early game makes them a very dangerous opponent in a series format. Their players aren’t too shabby either, as Nisqy is going stronger than ever in the mid lane, Svenskeren is winning MVP titles for his performance in the jungle, and Licorice is still in the top-3 of LCS top laners.

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Unfortunately for C9, their LCS Finals 2019 Summer opponents have a lot going for them as well. Team Liquid are the definition of an immovable object. Their roster is made of battle-hardened veterans, and you can expect them to make the right moves in those do-or-die moments.  It’s also stacked with individual talent. Whether it’s Impact outmaneuvering enemy top laners, Jensen styling on his mid lane counterpart, or Doublelift and CoreJJ tearing through the bot lane, TL always have several ways to break open the game. It will be up to Cloud9 to make something happen before Team Liquid can grind them down in teamfights and skirmishes, but we doubt they’ll be able to do that for five games in a row.

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