LCS Summer Split 2019: Semifinals Predictions

Posted on August 15, 2019

The LCS Semifinals kick off on August 17! We’re in for two thrilling best-of-five series between the best teams of the 2019 Summer Split, as Counter Logic Gaming prepare to face Cloud9, and Clutch Gaming are about to challenge Team Liquid. Here are our betting tips and predictions for the upcoming matches!

LCS Semifinals: Cloud 9 vs CLG

Cloud9 might be the most versatile team in the LCS semifinals. Most eyes will be drawn to Svenskeren, who’s made a solid claim to being the MVP of the league with his calculated pathing and daring jungle ganks. The solo lanes also deserve a lot of credit. Nisqy established himself as a top-3 mid laner in the region, and Licorice managed to dominate the top lane in spite of his recent wrist injury. Our only concern is the Sneaky and Zeyzal duo that’s been struggling to hold its own in the laning phase. However, Cloud9 have long since proven that they know how to cover a losing bot lane.

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CLG have a similar playstyle to Cloud9, albeit with a much weaker early game. Wiggily facilitates a lot of plays from the jungle, but his style is much more supportive compared to that of Svenskeren. In a similar fashion, PowerOfEvil and Ruin can hold their own against most North American solo laners, but they’re not dominant enough to carry the game on their own. The only advantage CLG has over C9 lies in the bot lane. Stixxay and Biofrost have been playing like absolute monsters this split, and it wouldn’t be an understatement to call them one of the strongest duos in the league. Unfortunately, the bot lane isn’t that impactful in the current meta, so we don’t expect them to do much in this series.

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LCS Semifinals: Team Liquid vs Clutch Gaming

At first glance, this LCS semifinals matchup is very lopsided. Team Liquid are the definition of a North American powerhouse. Impact is the king of soaking up pressure in the top lane, Jensen is a mechanical prodigy in the mid lane, and Xmithie is the cleanest supportive jungler in the world. Throw in the explosive duo of Doublelift and CoreJJ, and Team Liquid already look set to breeze through the semifinals.

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Clutch Gaming are their polar opposites. Their playstyle isn’t refined, but they have the talent to challenge Team Liquid in the side lanes. Huni is looking more and more like his old dominant self, and Cody Sun and Vulcan are flying under the radar as a top-3 bot lane in the league. And while Damonte and Lira are a cut below their Team Liquid counterparts, Clutch Gaming’s high-risk, high-reward playstyle will enable them to fight back against their opponents.

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