League of Legends Betting Worlds Guide – Play-In Day 4

Posted on October 3, 2018

The final day of the Play-In group stage is almost here! Group A went exactly as expected with EDG dominating both emerging regions and Dire Wolves clawing their way to the second-place finish. Meanwhile, Group B was more evenly matched, so there are serious doubts on who’s going to get the #1 seed there. With that, we break down the most exciting Play-In matches in our League of Legends betting Worlds guide!

SuperMassive Esports vs G2 Esports

SuperMassive Esports took over the Play-In stage by being the first wildcard team to upset a major region! What makes this so surprising is how clean they looked in the process. It’s one thing when DetonatioN FocusMe drag Cloud9 down into an all-out brawl, and it’s a completely different story when SuperMasiive seamlessly outmaneuver G2 around the map. On top of that, the duo of Zeitnot and SnowFlower was downright overwhelming at all stages of the game, which puts the Turks in a prime position to target the bot lane weakness of their opponents.

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As for G2 Esports, they look surprisingly disjointed. They still have a strong laning phase thanks to the constant pressure from the Perkz/Jankos duo. However, their drafts are all over the place, and they have clear communication issues in teamfights and skirmishes. To make matters worse, their bot lane falls apart if Hjarnan doesn’t get Jhin or his trademark Heimerdinger, making it very difficult to stand up to SuperMassive’s aggression.

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Infinity eSports vs Dire Wolves

It’s fair to say that Infinity eSports are already looking like the worst team in their group. Their biggest strength lies in the laning phase, but their players aren’t strong enough to completely overwhelm their opponents. Granted, there are occasional flashes of brilliance from Relic and SolidSnake, but the entire team looks utterly lost the moment it reaches the late game.

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The same can’t be said about Dire Wolves. Despite fielding a substitute jungler—UDYSOF—they came into their matches with clear game plans and executed well on them. K1ng and Cupcake also proved they can be a force to be reckoned with in the bot lane. Moreover, Dire Wolves seem quite coordinated in 5v5s, and that synergy is only going to grow once they go back to their starting jungler.

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