League of Legends World Championship Betting Tips – Play-In Day 3

Posted on October 2, 2018

Worlds 2018 is finally here! At first glance, Day 1 of the Play-In stage went as expected, but there were definitely exciting developments that caught many fans off guard. With that in mind, here are our League of Legends World Championship betting tips for Day 3 of the event!

KaBuM! e-Sports vs DetonatioN FocusMe

KaBuM! e-Sports aren’t a bad team. In fact, they even managed to outmuscle DetonatioN FocusMe in the laning phase during their second game of Worlds 2018. But while KaBuM can show up in the early game, they don’t have the slightest clue how to snowball these advantages. Whether it’s overaggressive dives, hectic teamfights, or 50/50 Baron calls, they always seem to find ways to throw their leads—and that just doesn’t make for a promising League of Legends World Championship betting prospect.

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Meanwhile, DetonatioN FocusMe are the biggest surprise of the Play-In stage. Granted, their game against KaBuM was nothing to write home about, but it’s their match against Cloud9 that has us very excited for their future. Not only did the Japanese representatives showcase great creativity in the draft, but they completely outmaneuvered North America’s third seed with teleports and Tahm Kench ultimates. Their teamfighting also seems on point, and as along as DetonatioN FocusMe shore up the holes in their laning phase and don’t forget to ward for flanks, they should have this match in the bag.

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G-Rex vs Gambit Esports

Another team that showed up on Day 1 was G-Rex. Candy, PK, and Stitch exerted a ton of pressure in the laning phase, which instantly put their opponents on the back foot. On top of that, Empt2y and Koala always seemed to be in the right place and at the right time to back up their teammates. Combine that with solid macro and decisive teamfighting, and the third LMS seed already looks set to qualify for the Main Event.

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The same can’t be said about Gambit Esports. Their first game against G-Rex was riddled with holes and blatant misplays. Edward, in particular, looked lost on the Thresh pick, as none of his hooks connected with intended targets. Kira and PVPStejos also had a hard time holding their own in the laning phase, which meant Diamondpr0x was left out to dry against jungle invades. Of course, you could argue that Gambit picked up the slack in their match against KLG. But even though they performed marginally better, they don’t have the synergy or mechanical prowess to challenge G-Rex.

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