League of Legends News

A lot goes into predicting a correct winner in League of Legends. Whether it’s game knowledge, player statistics, or team identities, punters have so much to keep track of that they often forget about the most important thing of them all. Of course, we’re talking about League of Legends news.


Keeping up with esports coverage might seem time-consuming, but when push comes to shove, it can be the difference between making a bad bet and placing a winning wager. That’s why we’ve prepared an in-depth guide on LoL esports news! But first, let’s answer the most important question…

Why League of Legends News?

Picture this. You’re cheering for a particular League of Legends team from a major region. That team had a strong domestic showing, and while the competition was too stiff for it to reach the finals, it still performed well enough to secure the third seed at a World Championship. Not only that but said team ended up in one of the easier groups of the tournament, so you decide to bet on it winning the first three matches in the group stage. Some might find this prediction ambitious. But you believe this team has the brains and brawn to pull off a win streak and make you a fair share of money in the process.

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You take a brief break and come back excited to see the results of your bets only to find out that your team went 0-3 during the first week of the tournament. The reason? Its jungler was banned for having a racist username in Solo Queue. Of course, no one could’ve predicted such a turn of events, so there’s no reason to beat yourself up over it. Or is there? Because this situation actually happened with SK Gaming at Worlds 2014, and you could’ve seen it coming if you followed League of Legends news.

The example above is a perfect illustration of why keeping up with esports coverage is so important for League of Legends betting. The world of gaming is filled with sudden twists and turns. And it can be next to impossible to predict this if you’re not reading LoL esports news.

Types of League of Legends News

So, what kind of League of Legends news are most important? Unsurprisingly, the first thing you need to keep track of is roster moves. The same applies to suspensions, substitutions, and injuries (yes, these do happen in esports). Players are a key part of a team’s identity, so even taking one of them out of the equation can result in a team having a completely different look on stage.

Of course, not every player holds the same value. For instance, if TSM sub out their mid lane ace—Bjergsen—you can be sure that their odds of winning are going to drop. But if they bring in a different top laner, the team might still have enough firepower in other positions. So, roster moves aren’t always a death sentence. Just like with most things in betting, you need to analyze this type of LoL news before deciding how it’s going to affect the team.

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Another piece of LoL esports news you want to follow is coaching staff changes. Coaches are becoming increasingly important in the competitive League of Legends, so changing them can affect the entire lineup. For instance, the NA LCS’ Echo Fox had a noticeable drop in performance after Nick “Inero” Smith decided to step down from the team. Meanwhile, Fnatic started playing better when they parted ways with Nicholas “NicoThePico” Korsgård.

But wait, doesn’t this mean that the way coaching staff affects the team is pretty much random? Not necessarily because you can still read player interviews. It’s common to see player interviews among other news for League of Legends, and even though many of them won’t bring anything new to your attention, others will shed some light on relationships, team dynamics, and practice results. Knowing this information is key when you need to decide between two evenly matched lineups. On top of that, you will also have an easier time telling if a particular roster move or a coaching staff change was good or bad for the team.

Where Can I Read LoL Esports News?

Now that we’ve explained why (and how) you need to keep up with League of Legends news, it’s time to go through the places where you can follow them. First, you want to check out LoL Esports and official message boards for rulings and news releases from Riot Games. Then, there’s a number of established sites like ESPN, Dot Esports and Esports.net that are covering news for League of Legends. Last but not least, make sure to visit team websites to get the most relevant information first hand.

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