LEC Betting Cheat Sheet – Week 9 of 2019 Spring Split

Posted on March 12, 2019

The final set of League of Legends European Championship games kicks off on March 15! This is the last opportunity to bet on regular season matches for this region, so we’ve prepared a detailed LEC betting cheat sheet to help you separate the value bets from the sketchy wagers. Without further ado, let’s get to it!

LEC Betting Cheat Sheet – Misfits vs Splyce

Our LEC betting cheat sheet begins with the Misfits vs Splyce matchup! Misfits look like they mentally checked out of the competition. Their last week’s matches had some of the worst examples of competitive shot calling we’ve ever seen, and it’s clear this team has no idea how to navigate a game of League of Legends. Combine that with shaky individual performances from top lane and jungle positions, and Misfits are in their weakest state yet.

Splyce EU LCS Predictions

Splyce aren’t exactly the hallmark of consistency either. Their games vary in quality to the point that it seems like they’re being played by different lineups. However, you can still count on Splyce to play well in the early game and put on a show in late game teamfights. On top of that, their players are performing better and better with every passing week, so they will have an edge over Misfits in both micro and macro departments.

BETTING ADVICE: You can bet on Splyce winning their match against Misfits for odds of 1.60 at Betspawn.

LEC Betting Cheat Sheet – Origen vs FC Schalke 04

The second matchup in our LEC betting cheat sheet is Origen vs FC Schalke 04. Origen might very well be the #1 team in the league. Their individual skill impressive, and it’s common to see them crush weaker opponents in the laning phase. However, it’s their macro prowess that sets them apart from other European teams. No matter how dire things get, Origen always have a solid plan on how to approach the game as well as the skill to execute it. Throw in some very well-coordinated teamfighting, and this team is already looking to claim the LEC throne.

pinnacle top betting league of legends

The same can’t be said about FC Schalke 04. After a strong start to their 2019 Spring Split, Schalke came down to earth. Their individual skill is lacking in every position other than the bot lane, and their main strengths—synergy and teamfighting—aren’t nearly as potent now that other teams also know how to work together and play out 5v5s. Of course, Schalke’s macro remains impressive, but it’s not sharp enough to challenge the League of Legends machine that is Origen.

BETTING ADVICE: You can bet on Origen winning their match against Schalke for odds of 1.510 at Pinnacle.

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