LEC LoL Betting Strats – Week 5 of 2019 Spring Split

Posted on February 13, 2019

The 2019 LEC Spring Split returns on February 14! Tensions are high, as European teams are battling each other for the right to take their place at the top of the league’s ladder. Join us as we go through the best LEC LoL betting strats and gambling opportunities for week 5 of the competition!

LEC LoL Betting Strats – Day 1

Fnatic vs Splyce

Fnatic are struggling to mount their comeback. Their drafts revolve around scaling and late game teamfighting, which further emphasizes their complete inability to navigate the laning phase. To make matters worse, Bwipo is playing some of the worst games in his career, making it very difficult for Fnatic to get even the slightest semblance of control over the top lane. And while they’re getting better, the rate of their improvement isn’t nearly fast enough to catch up to the best teams in the region.


Unfortunately for them, Splyce are shaping up to be just that. Their early game is quite potent, and it’s common to see them secure sizeable gold leads during the first 15 minutes of the match. Granted, there is a definite lull in their mid game, so Fnatic might get a chance to lick their wounds and sneak a couple of objectives. However, Splyce have mastered the art of late game teamfighting, so they should have no issues sealing the deal with dominant 5v5s.

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LEC LoL Betting Strats – Day 2

SK Gaming vs Fnatic

SK Gaming are in a slump. Their side lanes are struggling to keep up with the competition, as neither Werlyb nor Crownshot can reliably hold their own in the laning phase. Of course, SK still have an ace up their sleeve. Their jungler—Selfmade—is an absolute monster when it comes to ganking and playmaking, and he may very well take over the entire game if he’s left unchecked. But does it matter if SK Gaming have no idea how to snowball their advantages?

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Fnatic may be a far cry from a top-tier LEC team, but they still have some of the things that led them to a top-2 finish at Worlds 2018. And one of them is macro. They know how to control vision, set up objectives and manage their side lanes. They also have a world-class AD carry at their disposal, which gives them a strong win condition in patch 9.3 meta, and as long as Fnatic don’t fall too far behind in lane, they should be able to outmaneuver SK in teamfights and skirmishes.

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