LEC Spring Season: Week 6 Recap

Posted on March 4, 2020

Week 6 of the LEC spring season brought little to no changes in the springs leaderboard.

Favorites duly delivered victories over their respective opponents. SK Gaming and SO4 are still struggling to win, and yet the first place is still tied within three teams, Fnatic, G2 Esports, and Origen. Team Vitality lost to G2, and they will have to look for a win in the coming weeks.

XL Mickey’s Tristana carried Excel Esports in a win over Mad Lions who are their rival for a playoff spot.

Update: LEC Standings

Fnatic Week 6

Let’s jump into a quick matches review.

SK Gaming vs. Misfits Gaming

Bvoy’s Varus (6/0/2) was just too much for struggling SK Gaming. Misfits stood their ground from the beginning of the game, picking up first blood and first turret. From that point on, everything seemed hard to get for SK. With gold differential in favor of Misfits throughout the game, SK only showed glimpses of hope in trying to win after their losing streak of 5 games.

SK will have the opportunity to finally win next week after they once again step foot onto the LEC stage.

Quick stats:

Game time: 33:12

Gold differential: +7,1k in favor of Misfits

Kills: 4-13

Dragons: 2-3

Barons: 1-1

MAD Lions vs. Excel Esports

One of the most entertaining teams to watch this split is definitely Excel Esports. The big question for them this season is, can they breakthrough? They currently sit in 7th in LEC spring standings with a 50% win ratio (6W – 6L).

They annihilated MAD Lions, and they look like a better side between the two. XL Mickey completely dominated mid lane with his pocket pick Tristana (17,5k dmg highest in the game) and respectively took the MVP of the match award.

Excel Esports is one step closer to their playoff spot. Are they capable of doing it? It’s yet to be seen.

Quick stats:

Game time: 28:46

Gold differential: +10k in favor of Excel Esports

Kills: 9-17

Dragons: 1-4

Barons: 0-1

Fnatic vs. Schalke 04

Fnatic started taking advantage of the first minute of the game, smartly denying the jungle vision made Selfmade’s jungle pathing unpredictable, which eventually led to them picking up first blood and starting building from that. Although S04 managed to pick up Elder Dragon buff, they couldn’t parry Fnatics Rekkles. He deservedly won the MVP of the match award, picking up nine kills and having game highest cs of 358.

LEC Week 6 recap

Schalke 04 sits at the bottom of the bracket while Fnatic is stomping for the title, having no mercy against their rivals.

Quick stats:

Game time: 31:25

Gold differential: +7,1k in favor of FNC

Kills: 19-10

Dragons: 4-1

Barons: 1-1

Rogue vs. Origen

The two teams featured LEC Match of the week, and it ended up going in favor of Origen.

OG Xerxes’ performance in the early game was remarkable, and he completely outplayed his lane opponent RGE Inspired. Origen won this game reasonably comfortable picking up 3 Infernal drakes and 2 Rift Heralds popping up RGE’s base after 22 minutes into the game.

Rogue lost its chance to get closer to the playoff spot while Origen aims to win the spring split.

Quick stats:

Game time: 34:22

Gold differential: 11,9k in favor of Origen

Kills: 4-10

Dragons: 1-4

Barons: 0-1

G2 vs. Team Vitality

The game showed a massive difference between the two sides. Last year world finalist G2 completely dominated the game. They picked up 21 kills in just over 27 minutes, including first blood and first turret. Team Vitality looked miserable on the stage after 11th loss.

G2 is on the way to defend the last season’s title and even break some records along the way.

Team Vitality sits at the rock bottom of the standings, and at the moment they look helpless. Next weekend’s game against Rogue might be the beginning of a rebirth for the team.

Quick stats:

Game time: 27:01

Gold differential: 7,1k in favor of G2

Kills: 21-11

Dragons: 4-0

Barons: 0-0


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