LEC Standings: 2020 LEC Spring Playoff Teams recap

Posted on March 25, 2020 - Last Updated on January 20, 2022

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Soon after being delayed due to the Coronavirus scare and moving to an online format, the LEC had since concluded its 2020 Spring season. The top six teams, as listed below, have advanced to the 2020 LEC Spring Playoffs.

This is where the real competition starts and top teams cement their position as Europe’s leading forces for the earlier half of the year.

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As expected, the top three big names, G2 Esports, Fnatic and Origen have easily toppled the competition. Their legacy as the most successful veterans carrying forward through 2020.

G2 Esports dominating LEC

G2 Esports (13-3)

G2 Esports have consistently proved themselves as Europe’s leading force having secured first place in all LEC events since 2019, and placing second in the World Championships, only behind champions FPX.

Their success in the 2020 LEC Spring season comes as little surprise considering the team managed to keep all their members and continue to improve.

Fnatic (12-4)

Fnatic are also coming off a strong 2019, having placed only second to G2 in the 2019 Summer Season & Playoffs. While Fnatic are a strong contender to take the Playoffs, their 0-2 record against G2 Esports in the 2020 Spring season may cause them to tilt and hinder their path to victory.

Origen (12-4)

Origen had a rollercoaster 2019, second only to G2 Esports in the earlier half, and falling way behind to a mid-tier level in the latter. However, their extremely risky roster changes seeing half the team replaced with Xerxe, Upset, and most controversially, OCE player Destiny.

Stunning many, Origen were able to overcome their challenges which heavily paid off. Now back to a top team, Origen have huge potential, both in the LEC Spring Playoffs and its following Summer split.

MAD Lions

Having rebranded from Splyce at the end of 2019, MAD Lions had almost completely switched its lineup, only keeping starting mid-laner Humanoid and some select support staff. Having made it into the Spring Playoffs, the team is fairing well, however, remain behind the top 3 teams a fair distance.

Misfits Gaming

Misifts had a very insistent performance throughout the 2020 Spring LEC season, managing to defeat some of the top teams, yet falling to other lower to mid-tier ones at times. A slight improvement by some individual members may allow the team to break into the top 3.


On the complete opposite spectrum of Misfits, Rogue have performed extremely consistently. Rogue managed to easily overcome the lower to mid-tier team teams, however, have dropped every game against the top 3, and a single set against MAD Lions in fourth position.

This situation is ideal for a team that wishes to develop, we can expect good things from Rogue in the upcoming Summer split.

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