LoL NA LCS Betting Guide – Week 7

Posted on August 1, 2018

The 2018 NA LCS Summer Split ride continues on August 4! Things are getting wild, as all teams have somehow managed to take games off each other. Hence, we’ve prepared a brief LoL NA LCS betting guide to help you spot the best wagers for week 7 of the competition!

Team Liquid vs 100 Thieves

This would be a very bad LoL NA LCS betting guide if we skipped the clash between the best teams in the league! Both Team Liquid and 100 Thieves are dominating the NA LCS, but for very different reasons. In Team Liquid’s case, they have a lineup of veterans. Almost everyone here knows their role and has the consistency to perform at a high level, and the duo of Doublelift and Olleh acts as a pressure point that other TL members rally around.

100T NA LCS Predictions

As for 100 Thieves, they’ve finally learned how to work with their new jungler AnDa. Moreover, Ssumday is playing some of the best games of his life in the top lane, and Ryu is putting on a show in teamfights. Unfortunately, Ssumday will have a hard time putting a dent into the rock that is TL Impact. Meanwhile, Cody Sun and Aphromoo are very likely to cave under the pressure from the enemy duo, which sets Team Liquid up with the perfect early game. Combine that with the fact that 100 Thieves still don’t have great coordination in 5v5s, and we can’t help thinking they’re going to crumble during the first full-blown teamfight.

BETTING ADVICE: You can kick off your LoL NA LCS betting with a Team Liquid match-winner wager for odds of 1.746 at Pinnacle.

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OpTic Gaming vs FlyQuest

This is a weird matchup to evaluate. There’s no denying that OpTic and FlyQuest pulled off a bunch of upsets—in fact, their winning streaks are getting long enough that it might be time to consider them good teams. For OpTic, their standout performers are Akaadian, PowerOfEvil, and—surprisingly enough—Dhokla. The top laner is excellent on carries, and OpTic are great at using him as a splitpushing threat. They’re not perfect, though, and they have a very vague understanding of how to teamfights, set up objectives, and close out games.

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As for FlyQuest, they’ve definitely gotten away with murder. Two of their four latest games came down to the wire, and it was only through base races that FlyQuest managed to clinch those Ws. But this killer instinct can go a long way when you’re playing against an indecisive team. Moreover, WildTurtle and JayJ have been playing out of their minds lately, which doesn’t bode well for OpTic’s shaky bot lane. To top it all off, Flame is one of the best top laners in league, so Dhokla will have a hard time getting his splitpush going against such an opponent.

BETTING ADVICE: Our LoL NA LCS betting guide found this to be a horrible matchup for OpTic. FlyQuest have all the tools they need to play to their strengths while not exposing any weaknesses, so it’s a good idea to bet on their victory for odds of 1.70 at Betway.

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Team SoloMid vs Golden Guardians

Alright, can Team SoloMid finally win a game? At this point, most fans have already jumped off the TSM train, but if there’s a match where they can mount their comeback, it’s this one. They still have plenty of star power, and players like Zven, Hauntzer, and Bjergsen have proven time and time again they deserve to stand with the best League of Legends has to offer. Unfortunately, they refuse to come together, which leads to passive early games and uninspired teamfights.

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Golden Guardians are their polar opposites. Their roster might not have a lot of individual talent, but they make it work with smart drafts and solid coordination. Contractz and Mickey exert a ton of pressure during the first 15 minutes of the game, and it’s largely because of them that Golden Guardians manage to secure countless early advantages. But much like TSM, they aren’t great at turning these leads into actual victories. And whoever comes out on top in this game, it won’t be an easy victory.

BETTING ADVICE: In the end, you don’t need to know an exact winner to use our LoL NA LCS betting guide. After all, placing a wager on the total game time being over 34 minutes for odds of 1.86 at ArcaneBet might very well grant you even more value.

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