LoL Worlds Winners Betting Predictions – Day 4 of Groups

Posted on October 12, 2018

The Main Event of League of Legends Worlds Championship is about to reach its halfway point! We’ve already had some very explosive matches at the start of the tournament, and now it’s time to make LoL Worlds winners betting predictions for Day 4 of the competition! Keep in mind that many Day 4 games come down to overwhelming favorites clashing with clear-cut underdogs, so we will be focusing on the bets that can provide the most value in these circumstances.

Afreeca Freecs vs Phong Vu Buffalo

Afreeca Freecs are under a lot of pressure. Despite being considered one of the potential LoL Worlds winners coming into the tournament, they’re currently down 0-2 in their group. Their biggest problem lies in the draft, as they keep putting Kiin into carry matchups even if the champions they’re picking for him don’t contribute much to the overall team composition. To make matters worse, Kramer and TusiN are struggling in teamfights since they’re forced to play with no frontline. With that, we’re expecting Afreeca to go back to standard team comps and try to outmaneuver their opponents in the later stages of the game.

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Meanwhile, Phong Vu Buffalo aren’t likely to be LoL Worlds winners, but they’re also not nearly as bad as most people expected. Zeros has proven himself as a very talented carry player, so he should be able to match Kiin in the top lane. Moreover, BigKoro and Palette bounced back after a rough start against Flashes Wolves and performed well in the game against G2 Esports. Even Naul had a very impressive showing on his Vel’Koz pocket pick. On top of that, Phong Vu Buffalo’s teamfighting is on point, and while they do have a tendency to overstep their limits, they can also catch their opponents off guard with bold initiations.

BETTING ADVICE: In the end, Phong Vu Buffalo are still the underdogs here. However, Afreeca Freecs are very likely to take things slow after their initial losses. Combine that with the fact that PVB won’t go down without a fight, and we suggest placing a bet on the total game time being over 28 minutes for odds of 1.86 at ArcaneBet.

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Invictus Gaming vs 100 Thieves

A different narrative takes place in this matchup. Invictus Gaming are already looking like potential LoL Worlds winners. Rookie is a force of nature in lane and out of it, and the jungler—Ning—does everything in his power to set up his mid laner for success. JackeyLove and Baolan have also been quick to punish the slightest mistakes in the bot lane, which gives IG two potent carries to play around.

100T NA LCS Predictions

100 Thieves don’t have that luxury. Ryu has been unremarkable in the mid lane, and he will struggle to hold his own against IG’s superstar. To make matters worse, 100T don’t have a stable bot lane, as Rikara looks utterly lost in the early game. And while Ssumday can act as a threat in the top lane, he won’t be able to put a dent into the likes of Duke and TheShy.

BETTING ADVICE: 100 Thieves are outmatched in every sense of the word, so IG aren’t just going to win this game, they’re going to breeze through it. You can bet on the total game time under 31 minutes for odds of 1.86 at ArcaneBet.

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