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Betting Tips for the LPL Spring Split 2022

The LPL is widely regarded as the strongest League of Legends championship in the world. Chinese teams came a long way and this only made LPL betting more exciting. Whether you plan on backing the top seeds or try your luck with underdogs for competitive LPL odds, this guide will help. The Chinese League of Legends championship started mid-January and the Spring Split promises to be amazing. The best teams have strengthened their rosters with local and foreign talent to secure a playoff spot.

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Top Three Teams for Spring Split LPL Betting

The LPL has the most teams of all professional League of Legends tournaments in the world. This means that punters have more options when they visit esports betting sites and wager on the Chinese top flight. There are 17 contenders and 10 playoff spots, but everyone is aiming for the podium. Games are played in a best-of-three format throughout the Spring Split, so even weaker opponents have a chance to snatch a game. Three teams frequently pop-up in LPL betting tips, as the most likely to cover the spread.

TES is perhaps the strongest team right now and it is expected to build on its recent performance. They failed to meet expectations in 2022, but started the Spring Split with convincing performances. Tian will make the departure of Karsa easier to accept, while Zoom will dominate the top lane. The strongest player in their team is probably Rookie in mid lane, but they also have a talented and experienced bottom lane.

EDG has gained a lot of popularity at LoL betting sites after the memorable performance at Worlds. The team was able to take down the reigning champions at the end of a breathtaking series. Little has changed since they defeated DWG KIA and they are one of the few teams to keep the entire roster. Their strong jungle and top matchup, is only threatened by the changes made to their bottom lane where Viper was replaced by Leave.

Don’t let the name deceive you, because Weibo Gaming is actually an established team. Since rebranding from Suning, they only gained strength with the arrival of TheShy and Karsa. The top laner and the jungler will build on what was already a strong team. Pay attention to the LPL betting tips involving WPG because you will benefit from better odds when backing them.

LPL Betting

Teams Not to Underestimate in 2023

Whether you bet with Betway or other top bookmakers, you can’t afford to underestimate these teams. These are strong organizations that have strengthened their formation with some inspirational players.

RNG is still a force to be reckoned with after acquiring Bin for top lane and switching Xiaohu to mid. These two players have performed well in the beginning of the Spring Split and are expected to maintain the same high tempo. This is a high-scoring team that has retained its key players, so there is no difficult transition to be made.

LNG has steadily risen in the preferences of people visiting LPL betting sites. The team was already strong in 2022 and set important milestones during the trading window. Scout is by far the best player to have joined the organization and his contribution will be considerable. Tarzan is also playing for LNG during this Spring Split, so they will have one of the strongest junglers in the LPL.

LPL betting fans are advised to pay extra attention to Bilibili Gaming this season. This is a well-rounded team, with strong players in all positions and exceptional synergy. ADC Elk and support On make for a fantastic bottom lane and can dominate early matches. Bin is expected to do his part in top lane, so BLG will once again cause many upsets during the regular season.

Ninjas in Pyjamas is the rebranding of V5 and the team that will make LPL betting more exciting in 2023. They have exceptional players such as Dream and XLB in mid-lane and jungle, with a reliable bottom lane. The arrival of these new and experienced players has changed the organization completely. V5 used to be the laughingstock of the LPL, but they are now almost certain to make the playoffs.


The LPL Betting Bottom Line

The Chinese League of Legends championship is once again expected to spend a lot of time in the spotlight. It has everything it needs to keep players at the edge of their seats and provide great LPL betting opportunities. The seven teams mentioned above are the ones we expect to dominate the Spring Split. You can never underestimate the former contenders, such as Invictus Gaming, FunPlus Phoenix and Team WE to defeat the best. However, because of the best of three format of each series, upsets will be less frequent. Stay up-to-date with our LPL betting predictions and you make all the right choices.

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