LPL Standings: Tencent League of Legends Pro League Resumes!

Posted on March 19, 2020

The Corona Virus has created many challenges globally, this is especially so in China, with its extremely strict quarantine measures placed upon its cities. China’s biggest League of Legends tournament series the League of Legends Pro League, also known as the LPL, had initially been canceled due to the outbreak. While the LPL initially announced they would be indefinitely suspending matches, the first major esports cancellation due to the outbreak, they have recently resumed the league… somewhat.

Currently, the LPL will continue its operations through an online format. This format prevents the risk from spreading the virus through the large viewing audience, league officials and players. It is expected the LPL to continue its online format for the coming months due to the prevalence of the virus throughout China.


Fortunately, due to the nature of esports, online tournaments can proceed, unlike traditional sports which require physical interaction amongst players.

LPL 2020 Standings

There are 17 total teams in the 2020 League of Legends Pro League. The LPL standing this season will be more unpredictable than previous due to the variables the Coronavirus has on teams. This is especially so for teams who have members from Wuhan, or its surrounding provinces. While it is unlikely such players will be personally affected by the virus, the psychological impact from various areas may inhibit player performance.

For this season’s 2020 LPL Standing, we have done a top 3 power rankings and explained you should believe in them.

Invictus Gaming

While Invictus certainly had questionable performance in the 2019 LPL Summer season, they proved many wrongs, having a spectacular showing in the World Championship, entering the semi-finals stage. While they were ultimately defeated by FPX, denying their ticket to the finals, IG has made some power roster moves. Invictus has kept their star top, mid and jungle consisting of The Shy, Ning and Rookie. However, this year, Invictus has brought on a new ADC and two new supports that may rotate with Baolan. Despite the three new members not being major names, they have proved themselves in the games so far.

JD Gaming

JD may have had a rough 2019, placing 9th and 10th in the Spring and Summer splits for the LPL respectively, however, they look better than ever in 2020. More recently, JD Gaming were able to claim the top spot in the LPL Scrims League 2020, a temporary broadcast which replaced the LPL while previously suspended. They finished undefeated in three games, taking down Suning, Top Esports and eStar.

Royal Never Give Up

Completing a top three power ranking on the LPL standing will never be complete without mentioning Royal Never Give Up. RNG has consistently performed to a high standard year after year in the LPL. While they seemed to be cursed sometimes, always falling short of the top spot, RNG is unquestionably one of the LPL’s best teams. RNG has taken quite this risk this year, with more than half their rostered players being new signings. This season will be a make it or break it for the team, however, with two main supporting pillars being Mata and Tabe in the background, they are more inclined to succeed.

A New LPL Team to Watch

LoL Pro League 2020


eStar may be a new LPL team, not have any known superstars, and also based in Wuhan, but you would be wrong to assume eStar do not have anything going for them. Against all odds and expectations, regardless of it being early in the LPL, have had a strong showing. eStar managed to take down FPX, the defending League of Legends World Champions, along with and veteran team LGD Gaming. eStar are a promising team, and while new to the league, with time will without a doubt improve.

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