Best Betting Sites Malaysia

Esports Betting in Malaysia

Looking for the best betting sites Malaysia has to offer? We can help with that. Our guide is dedicated to revealing some quality online betting sites Malaysia can access at the moment. Plus we’ll answer some of those thorny legal questions to see whether you can legally enjoy esports betting in Malaysia. So keep reading to see our shortlist of the best betting sites Malaysia has right now!

Is it legal to try esports betting in Malaysia?

Sadly, all forms of gambling are illegal in Malaysia. This covers everything from esports betting to regular sports betting, casino gaming, poker and anything else that involves wagering real money. As Malaysia is a predominantly Muslim country, it seems highly unlikely that the laws will change anytime soon.

The laws mean that anyone in Malaysia who is caught offering any form of gambling will be dealt a hefty fine along with a prison sentence. As a result, there are simply no legal betting sites operating in Malaysia.

Despite this, there is a grey area regarding whether offshore betting sites can be lumped in with the ‘betting houses’ currently outlawed in the Malaysian gambling legislation. This has meant that some Malaysian betting fans and gamers will try their luck at offshore betting sites such as the one found in our GGbet review.

The best betting sites Malaysia gamers can use

If you want to bet on esports in Malaysia, you will have to use an offshore betting site. These are those betting sites that are located outside of Malaysia but cater to international customers from all over the world.

For example, Bet365 in Malaysia may not be an officially licensed operator in the country, but there is nothing stopping any Malaysian gaming fan from signing up to the betting site and betting on the esports odds.

There are plenty of offshore betting sites that will happily accept customers in Malaysia. Some of these bookmakers are excellent and some simply cannot be trusted with your money. Our advice is to only play with those betting sites that feature some form of licensing from a recognised gambling authority. This should mean that you get a safe and fair way to bet on esports.

If you want a  good example of a trusted offshore betting site, you should try GGbet in Malaysia. This is a brand with a long history of esports betting and it frequently serves up some of the best esports odds and bonuses on the market. Plus it’s a fully licensed site so that you can be assured of plenty of customer protection. All of which should give you a great way to bet on esports.

Esports featured at online betting sites Malaysia customers can access

More and more betting sites are starting to offer odds on esports. The most common esports to bet on are the biggest games like League of Legends, Counter-Strike Global Offensive and Dota 2.

However, you’ll also find some more ambitious betting sites offering you odds on a broader range of titles that include Starcraft 2, Call of Duty, Rainbow Six, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, Overwatch, 2BA2K, FIFA, Hearthstone, Valorant and Rocket League. We should note here that many games that are big in Southeast Asia like King of Glory and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang will be covered at some of our featured esports betting sites.

Esports Betting Malaysia


Getting bonuses from the best betting sites Malaysia has to offer

Betting on esports gets so much more enjoyable when you do it with a bonus. The good news is that pretty much all betting sites will have some kind of bonus for new customers. This means that if you sign up to the betting site for the first time and deposit some money, you may be given some credit that you can use to fund your esports betting stakes.

However, we should note that most betting bonuses can be fairly restrictive about who can get them. So be sure to read through the small print of any bonus because you consider getting it.

Payment methods at the best betting sites Malaysia has at the moment

Making payments is one problem that you might find when you use a betting site as a Malaysian customer. This is because the chances are that the betting site won’t accept deposits made in Malaysian ringgit. As such, you might be forced into using another currency which could mean that you get hit with some conversion fees.

Plus there’s the fact that no Malaysian bank will let you make deposits or withdrawals from an online gambling site. This means that you may have to use a third-party payment provider such as Skrill or Neteller, or even a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin to fund your esports bets.

Things to be careful of when using esports betting sites in Malaysia

We can’t overemphasise the fact that gambling is illegal in Malaysia and there is the possibility that you could get in trouble if you use an offshore betting site. Thankfully, the Malaysian authorities don’t seem to be in the mood to either pursue or convict anyone who wants to gamble online.

Just remember that you should carefully research any offshore betting site that you are thinking of using as there are plenty of rogue operators out there. But as long as you use a licensed betting site from our shortlist, you should be given a safe way to bet on esports.

Conclusion – Your resource for finding the best betting sites Malaysia has to offer

If you’ve made it this far, you’ll understand that esports betting in Malaysia is very problematic. After all, the nationwide ban on all forms of gambling means that there simply aren’t any Malaysian bookmakers.

However, some gamers have found that they can bet on esports at some offshore betting sites. Obviously, you should take care when doing this, but if you stick with our recommended bookmakers, you’ll enjoy a safe and fair esports betting service. So check back here to make sure that you are always playing with the best betting sites Malaysia has to offer!