MSI Play-In Betting Tips | Day 4

Posted on May 5, 2018

The 2018 MSI Play-In Stage continues! The second day of the tournament showcased the complete dominance of the SuperMassive lineup, but things were very different for other teams.

PENTAGRAM imploded, as the top lane/jungle duo of Paz and Once couldn’t keep up with its counterparts. Surprisingly enough, KaBuM Esports suffered the same fate by routinely overstepping their limits during ganks and team fights.

msi betting tips day 4

Meanwhile, Dire Wolves emerged as the second-best team of Group B thanks to a combination of potent team fighting and good decision-making.
We’re making the necessary adjustments to tailor our betting tips to the way teams are performing.

As a brief disclaimer, odds are a fickle thing, so no guarantees! Also, please make sure to select only regulated / licensed bookmakers to avoid any bad surprise!

MSI Betting Tips – Day 4

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Dire Wolves vs KaBuM Esports

The first victory of Dire Wolves against KaBuM Esports wasn’t a fluke. And it wasn’t the product of cheesing their opponents either. In fact, they were on the receiving end of a cheese because KaBuM targeted Chippys in the draft, and attempted to overwhelm him with a level 2 gank. Still, the Oceanic team bounced back by rallying around K1ng and Cupcake who—against all odds—managed to win as Jhin/Alistar versus Caitlyn/Morgana. Combine that with the fact that so many of KaBuM’s game plans revolve around a strong AD carry, and this is already not a great look for them.

But it’s the macro game that will decide this matchup. Both teams can go toe-to-toe in skirmishes, but Dire Wolves displayed the ability to translate their advantages into objectives. Cupcake was especially important since his roams were key in turning the table on the Brazilians. Meanwhile, KaBuM are the bloodthirsty warmongers that chase kills for the sake of it. So if Dire Wolves don’t fall prey to the early game aggression, they will have this game in the bag.

You can bet on Dire Wolves claiming the victory for odds of 2.00

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