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Posted on May 7, 2018

The 2018 MSI playoffs kick off on May 8! The first series is a clash between EVOS Esports (VCS) and BAUSuperMassive eSports (TCL). As for the second match, it will take place the day after, and involves Flash Wolves (LMS) and Gambit Esports (LCL). So, let’s dive deep with our betting tips and find out how these teams match up against each other!

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EVOS Esports vs BAUSuperMassive eSports


This is the first year of Vietnam being recognized as a major region, so you’d think EVOS Esports would be coming into the series as favorites. And yet, that’s not the case. The entire VCS legacy was forged by GIGABYTE Marines who overwhelmed their opponents with relentless aggression and creative tactics. EVOS certainly got the aggression down, but the GIGABYTE ingenuity didn’t transfer to them, so don’t expect EVOS to bust out any surprise tactics.


Meanwhile SuperMassive crushed their Play-In group with a 5-1 record. They would’ve even secured a 6-0 if they didn’t decide to troll in the last game. They’re a very macro-oriented team that knows what (and when) to do on the map. Moreover, SuperMassive have a natural knack for initiating teamfights, and they don’t hesitate to go in the moment they see a positioning error.


The top lane will likely come to a standstill. EVOS’s Stark is an experienced player that performs well on tanks and carries alike. SuperMassive’s fabFabulous has also been playing for a while, but he’s a bit more versatile with his champion pool. We’d give a slight edge to Stark because of his superior mechanics, but we doubt he’s going to accomplish much with it.

A similar trend can be observed in the jungle. For EVOS, YiJin can show up on a good range of tanks and teamfighters, but he’s far too reckless on aggressive picks. On SuperMassive’s side, Stomaged is the weakest point of his team. Granted, he can play things like Trundle and Elise, which should put him ahead of YiJin, but he doesn’t have the mechanical prowess to execute these champions on a high level.

Things will be different in the mid lane. Warzone is the best player of the EVOS lineup, and he’s proven that with strong showings on control mages. Unfortunately, he just doesn’t have enough firepower to put a dent into the immovable object that is SuperMassive’s GBM. And while we don’t expect many solo kills, GBM will definitely outshine his counterpart in teamfights.

The majority of this series will revolve around the bottom lane. EVOS’s marksman Slay is a capable teamfighter, but he doesn’t exactly set the world ablaze in the laning phase. His support RonOP reinforces this identity with a number of decent showings on defensive tanks and enchanters. But SuperMassive’s duo is on a whole different level. Zeitnot is a monstrous AD carry that constantly finds new ways to put pressure on his opponents. The real star, though, is the support SnowFlower who never fails to kick-start the right fight.


Whether you’re looking at playstyles or individual strengths, SuperMassive are the clear-cut favorites. Predicting their victory is a no-brainer, and you can place a safe wager on them winning the series for odds of 1.57 @ArcaneBet. However, we’re going to go a step further and forecast a 3-0 victory in SuperMassive’s favor, which should provide odds of 4.00 on the same platform.



Flash Wolves vs Gambit Esports


The second match presents a different narrative. Flash Wolves enter the series after securing their fifth consecutive LMS title. Their domestic success isn’t a fluke either, as Flash Wolves dominated their region with a combination of teamfighting and macro prowess. They’re a very well-rounded team with a smart playstyle and a variety of team comps at their disposal.


Gambit Esports prepare to challenge them. The LCL team took over its group, producing a formidable 5-1 record. The numbers don’t tell the whole story, though, as many of their victories relied on unconventional tactics and cheesy strategies. And when Gambit tried to employ a traditional playstyle, their games came down to the wire due to the abundance of decision-making errors.


The top lane will be close. For Flash Wolves, Hanabi is a complete newcomer, so the nerves of playing on the MSI stage could get to him. Still, he’s capable of holding his own on tanks and performing in teamfights, which is pretty much his role on the team. Gambit’s PvPStejos is a much more aggressive presence, but he’s also unrefined. And while he can bring out carries like Gangplank and Fiora, it won’t make a difference if he fails to press his leads the same way he did in the group stage.

But it’s the jungle that’s going to be the most exciting. Flash Wolves enter the Mid-Season Invitational with a duo of junglers in Moojin and Morning. The former is a confident aggressor that thrives during fights and skirmishes while the latter is a much more measured player who switched to jungle after maining top lane. Both of them will struggle against Gambit’s pathing king, Diamondprox, who always seems to be several steps ahead of his foes.

Things start to seem one-sided in the mid lane. Flash Wolves’ Maple is a seasoned veteran with a wide champion pool and a natural talent for roaming and teamfighting. Granted, Gambit’s Kira is also quite versatile, but he doesn’t have the same unwavering presence as his counterpart.

The bot lane is a mixed bag. Flash Wolves have a potent duo on their side. The AD carry—Betty—tends to do well in lane, but his real forte is teamfighting. As for his teammate, SwordArt, he’s a confident support that mastered the art of laning and initiating battles. Gambit’s bot lane of Lodik and Edward mirrors their strengths. However, Lodik doesn’t have much competitive experience, and Edward tends to overstep his limits, so we’re giving the edge to Flash Wolves for having a more measured duo.


Gambit might not lose to their opponents on an individual level, but they’re much weaker as a team. This is reflected by ArcaneBet that gives you the measly odds of 1.11 for betting on Flash Wolves. Still, there’s a way to increase your winning by placing a wager on a 3-0 Flash Wolves victory for odds of 1.83 on the same site.

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