Betting Tips for the 2018 MSI Semifinals

Posted on May 16, 2018

The 2018 MSI playoffs begin on May 18! We’re in for two exciting Bo5 series between the top-4 teams in the world. In this article, we share our insight on who’s likely to win and how can make money by betting on them.

Most of our betting tips are based on statistics, but we also account for individual strengths, recent performances, and playstyle differences. Without further ado, let’s get to it!

Royal Never Give Up vs Fnatic

Fnatic just couldn’t ask for a worse matchup! Granted, they have good matchups in the solo lanes, but these won’t be enough to make up for the huge discrepancy in the bot lane. Every time Rekkles goes against Uzi, he seems to hit a mental block, and that’s going to be even more noticeable considering his shaky MSI form. And while Hylissang doesn’t exactly choke, his brash tendencies will backfire in face of Ming’s refined aggression.

Not all hope is lost for Fnatic, though. Caps is having the tournament of his lifetime, so he will have a sizeable edge over Xiaohu. Also, Fnatic are a bit better at securing objectives and navigating the map, so they might challenge RNG macro-wise. Still, the Europeans aren’t solid enough to close games without any blunders, and Royal Never Give Up only need a single teamfight to tip the scales in their favor.

The match winner bet value is slim, but you can get reasonable odds of 3.02 by placing a wager on RNG winning the series with a 3-1 score ArcaneBet.

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Flash Wolves vs Kingzone DragonX

This is much closer than it seems! Flash Wolves put on a clinic during the first half of the group stage, but everyone started to figure out their playstyle towards the end. That is, everyone except Kingzone. The Korean overlords just couldn’t crack the Flash Wolves puzzle, so they’re 0-2 when it comes to head-to-head record.
Moreover, Kingzone’s side lanes are underperforming, and it’s common to see Khan dying 1v1 or GorillA falling prey to a telegraphed gank.

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Combine that with the fact that Flash Wolves have a solid grasp of teamfighting and early game vision, and this game should be in the bag for them. Right? Well, not exactly.
Even though Kingzone were hit-or-miss in the group stage, Bo5s are a different beast. And there’s no one better than LCK teams at implementing smart drafts and adjusting their game plans over the course of a long series.

Plus, their players will have time to reflect on their mistakes, so we expect to see Kingzone finally performing up to their standard. Flash Wolves do have the individual strength and macro prowess to challenge them, though, so this will be close.

You can bet on Kingzone DragonX winning with a 3-2 score for odds of 4.82 on ArcaneBet.

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