The OMEGA League Comes to An End

Posted on September 4, 2020

Are you ready for the finals of the highly anticipated The Dota 2 OMEGA League?

Due to the global pandemic, the dates of this year’s event were a bit unusual, nevertheless, the excitement continues, and we’re excited to find out which of the remaining teams will be hugging the $200,000 prize on September 6th. Despite the global situation, the atmosphere at the arena was still magnificent. So let’s have a recap of what the League offered us this year.

The prizes offered in this League are enough to wow anybody. The European and American regions played separately. The playoffs use double-elimination. The European prize pool is the richest one with the Immortal Division offering a $500,000 prize as a total. The twelve teams were divided into two and each group saw teams play BO3 series. The grand finale will be BO5. In addition to the Immortal Division, the teams which have reached Divine Playoffs brackets can earn additional prizes. The same format applies to the Americas divine division.

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There were ten invited participants this year for Europe. Team Secret, Na’Vi, Team Liquid,, FlyToMoon, Evil Geniuses, OG, Alliance, Team Nigma, and Ninjas in Pyjamas were directly invited to the League. 5men and were the closed qualifiers. Group A consisted of Team Nigma, Evil Geniuses,, Alliance, 5men, and NaVi. Nigma swooped 8pts and became the leader of Group A. EG came second with 6 pts. A tiebreaker match was between FTM and NiP and FTM was the winner. Na’Vi’s performance was lower than expected since they only had 2 pts. Group B teams had a definite winner, Secret, which collected 10pts with no defeat. Secret’s performance is near perfect, they lost only one match and won all the rest. Following them, OG is the second in the group with 6 pts.  During the Play-ins, Alliance and Team Liquid made it to the Lower Brackets.

There are certain highlights that make this league unforgettable for its hyped audience. The first is the comeback of 5men vs. NaVi. One of the greatest moments in the first match between those two is probably defeating the jungle ambush of NaVi by 5men.  Not only did they successfully complete the ambush, but they turned the tide of the game overall.

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This year’s shining star is the almost non-defeated (TS lost only one BO3 game so far) Team Secret. With Puppey’s leadership, Team Secret is definitely on the rise. Considering the fact that Team Secret won the last six events they participated in and gave an outstanding performance in the Group A games, they are the strongest candidates to see the finish line first. The highlights from their match with NiP is proof of their unstoppable rise.

Now that the playoffs are on track the Lower Bracket R1 had two matches, vs. Team Liquid and vs. Alliance. The winners of the Lower Bracket R1 were Team Liquid and Alliance. For the Upper Bracket R1, and unsurprisingly so considering their track record so far, OG and Team Secret are the winners.  The Lower Bracket R2 winners will be decided today, September 4th. Lower Bracket R3 and Upper Bracket Finals will take place on 5th September 2020, 18.00 UTC +3.

On the great final day, the Lower Bracket Final will be decided and the winner of this bracket will face the winner of the Upper Bracket Final. Which team will have the big prize of ONE League this year, all will be resolved on September 6, 20.00 UTC +3.

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