Blizzard Entertainment Expected to Announce the Release of Overwatch 2

Posted on January 12, 2021 - Last Updated on January 13, 2021

Blizzard struck gold with Overwatch, a game that quickly became its most successful esport. Since 2016 when the hero-shooter has was first unveiled, its community grew and its best players compete for huge amounts in major tournaments. The company is known for milking games for as long as possible, so it came as no surprise that Blizzard was not in a hurry to release a sequel. The first rumors about a second installment surfaced at the end of 2020 when people asked themselves when is Overwatch 2 coming out?


Overwatch 2 Release Date Still a Mystery

Blizzard appears to be ready to release the second installment in the series, but for the time being, the release date remains a mystery. The company has a famous policy of only releasing games when they are truly ready, so we are still at least a few months away from that fateful moment. Given the popularity of the original game, it is certain that the sequel will enjoy the same popularity among punters and esports professionals. They can already bet on major tournaments and regional events at Overwatch betting sites.

The highlight of 2021 is the World Cup which will take place in December to wrap up a stellar year.

The release of new games is usually announced during the annual BlizzCon event. That’s why it is very likely to learn the answer to the when-is-Overwatch-2-coming-out question during the same occasion. In 2021 this will happen in February, so fans of the shooter are unlikely to wait for too long. They’ve been waiting for the Overwatch 2 release date statement since the first announcement of November 2019.

Meanwhile, the official dates of the most important tournaments of the year are known and there’s plenty of action for punters. The Contenders tournament runs from August to December, while the Overwatch League playoffs are scheduled for October and November. The highlight of 2021 is the World Cup which will take place in December to wrap up a stellar year.

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BlizzCon Returns in 2021 with News for Overwatch Fans

The coronavirus crisis thwarted Blizzard’s plans of breaking the news in late 2020. The company will have an excellent opportunity in February when the game will be at the cornerstone of their online event.

It is almost certain that the company will use the opportunity to announce when is Overwatch 2 coming out and also highlight the key features of the new game.

Jeff Kaplan made the fans happy with his recent statements that the sequel will be the main attraction at BlizzCon.

We already know that the sequel will bring new characters and some original multiplayer modes, with a new and exciting co-op experience. Essentially a PVP game that is perfectly suitable for e-sports, Overwatch has plenty to offer to those who compete against computer-controlled opponents. The second installment in the series will also enhance existing champions with new and powerful skills. In these regards, the anticipated changes fall in line Blizzard’s approach to World of Warcraft expansions.

One of the biggest concerns for the fans, especially those anxiously waiting for the sequel is that there is still plenty of work to be done. There is a good chance that the Overwatch 2 release date will actually be in 2020, so players won’t have the opportunity to play it by the end of the year. There are a few certainties regarding the new game, such as the fact that a brand-new map Free-for-All map called Kanezaka will be added. Interesting details about this map can be found in the developer diary.

The good news for those who were hoping for Overwatch 2 to hit the stores in 2021 is that the map will be available much sooner. It will provide them with the opportunity of enjoying the immersive contextual storytelling that Blizzard is famous for. Players will also have the chance to put their skill to the test by playing to the strengths of some classic characters.

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Stay Warm with the Overwatch Winter Wonderland

Having to wait for an entire year for Overwatch 2 can be a bit frustrating for those who were secretly hoping to enjoy the game much sooner. On the bright side, there are a couple of things to do in-game even before the major tournaments resume in 2021. For example, the Winter Wonderland event began at the end of 2020 and provided players with some juicy rewards. It was a welcome diversion and kept players excited for more than a month, with skins and items that could be found in loot boxes.

The Overwatch Winter Wonderland is now over, but Blizzard is certainly going to unveiled many more such events in 2021. It is very likely that the next one will be announced at BlizzCon, alongside the Overwatch 2 release date. Players are entitled to expect limited-time game modes and other cool stuff that will make the waiting bearable. Add to this the upcoming tournaments, with bigger prize pools and better teams and 2021 already shapes up to be an exceptional year for Overwatch enthusiasts.

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