Top Overwatch Betting Sites to Take Your Gambling Game to The Next Level

Best OWL Odds, Markets & Betting Bonuses
Overwatch Betting Sites

It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that Overwatch reinvented first-person shooters. Released in summer of 2016, this Blizzard Entertainment title tackled the genre with a unique blend of action, teamwork, and breathtaking gunplay. It also pushed the envelope of hero shooters by introducing a rich cast of playable characters with unique weapons, traits, and abilities.

This combination was, in fact, so successful that the game had over 40 million players by May of 2018. At the same time, a sprawling competitive scene began to form around the title, and suddenly, betting on Overwatch matches became a very lucrative prospect. Not only did the fast-paced gameplay have immense potential from an esports angle, but the strong casual following ensured that this Blizzard Entertainment title would be successful for many years to come.

Dozens of esports bookmakers attempted to meet the needs of the growing gambling crowd by releasing markets for Contenders, World Cup, and Overwatch League betting. Of course, variety is a double-edged sword. The sheer amount of available betting offers can be intimidating if you’re just looking for a single platform to gamble on. Fortunately, our team of experts has already done the grunt work and arrived at 4 Overwatch betting sites that will help you make the most out of your money!

Best Overwatch Betting Sites


First things first: how do you tell good Overwatch betting sites from the bad ones? The weird thing about this question is that the answer depends on the person you’re asking. Some think that great bookmakers are defined by generous welcome bonuses, others chase long-term value in the shape of the most favorable odds, and others are more concerned with wide in-play markets. With that in mind, we just had to highlight the top sites in all of the abovementioned categories!

Best Promotions and Welcome Bonuses: Rivalry is the gift that keeps on giving! For starters, all new customers are entitled to a risk-free bet up to $25, which is a great welcome bonus for anyone that wants to jump headfirst into betting on Overwatch matches without worrying about losing their hard-earned money. If that wasn’t enough, Rivalry has a VIP club program that can bring you up to $350 in extra value. Finally, there are free Thunderdome jackpots where you can win up to $1,500 by simply picking match winners from a list of upcoming games and following the action on Rivalry’s platform.

Best Odds: Pinnacle

If you’re looking for great Overwatch League betting odds, there’s no better place than Pinnacle site. This bookmaker is renowned for delivering the best possible offers to its customers. The trade-off is that you will miss out on welcome bonuses, in-play markets, and live chat support, but if you can live without these features, Pinnacle is certainly a good option for getting high Overwatch World Cup betting odds.

Best For Overwatch Live Betting: Unikrn

Few things can compare to the thrill of Overwatch live betting—and Unikrn sportsbook is well aware of this. This site does an excellent job of highlighting ongoing matches at the top of its homepage. Not only that, but clicking on one of these matchups will lead you to a separate page with stats, in-play markets, tournaments descriptions, and bet distribution graphs. Combine that with fluid embedded streams, and it’s hard to come up with a better platform for live betting on Overwatch.

Best All-Around:

It’s great that some Overwatch betting sites have distinct strengths and weaknesses, but sometimes you just want a bookmaker that can do a little bit of everything. And that’s exactly what brings us to! Not only does this operator greet its customers with a strong 100% deposit bonus up to $50, but its wide esports coverage means you will have no issues placing wagers on tournaments like OWL, Contenders, and Overwatch World Cup. Throw in an intuitive design and a solid live betting section, and the betting site is a perfect example of a well-rounded bookmaker.

Overwatch Betting Sites

Top Overwatch Tournaments To Bet On

The first thing you need to understand about the Overwatch esports scene is that it’s completely controlled by the game’s publisher. With that, most tournaments will have high prize pools and great production value courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment. The flip side is that there’s not a huge range of tournaments to wager on, so your gambling options will come down to Contenders, World Cup, and Overwatch League betting.

1. Overwatch Contenders are the proving grounds. These are the perfect tournaments for players that want to make a name for themselves and break into the upper echelons of Overwatch esports. Of course, that doesn’t mean that Contenders have no value of their own. Not only do these events come with ample prize pools of $200,000, but they act as battlegrounds for the rising stars from all over the world. And if that’s not a great gambling environment, we don’t know what is!

2. Overwatch League (aka OWL) is the pinnacle of Overwatch esports. This is a massive competition that has hundreds of world-class players and 20 city-based franchises fighting for fame, glory, and a chunk of the gargantuan $5,000,000 prize pool. With that, it’s not exactly surprising that Overwatch League betting markets are some of the most sought after offers in the esports gambling industry.

3. Overwatch World Cup is the ultimate end-of-the-year tournament. Filled with top national teams from all over the globe, it’s the perfect place to find out where your country stands compared to other Overwatch regions. And while this event isn’t as cutthroat as OWL or Contenders, the sheer excitement of following your national teams means there’s a huge demand for Overwatch World Cup betting odds.

Overwatch World Betting sites

Final Word on Overwatch Betting

We hope our article gave you a good overview of the best Overwatch betting sites and tournaments. However, this is just the tip of the gambling iceberg. Sure, knowing which sites to use and what tournaments to bet on will give you a solid foundation to work with, but in the end, it will be your skill and game knowledge that will decide how successful you are at betting on Overwatch.