Top Polska Liga Esportowa 2018 Betting Bonuses

Posted on November 28, 2018

Few regional competitions can hold a candle to the Polish League of Legends circuit. This scene is filled with promising teams and talented up-and-comers that have a very real shot at breaking into the LEC. And if you want to follow it, there’s no better place to start than Polska Liga Esportowa!

Not only is this competition a breath of fresh air in the League of Legends off-season, but punters from all over the globe will be delighted by the sheer number of markets available for the event. So, without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about the event as well as the top Polska Liga Esportowa 2018 betting bonuses!

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Polska Liga Esportowa 2018 Overview

The Polska Liga Esportowa 2018 is the juggernaut of the Polish scene. As one of the two biggest esports league in the country, it’s home to regional powerhouses like Illuminar Gaming, Szata Maga, and Pompa Team. Combine that with an ample prize pool and a highly competitive environment, and it’s easy to see why this league is so exciting to follow.

Right now, Polska Liga Esportowa 2018 is approaching the final week of the regular season. Illuminar Gaming and Czeska Husaria have already qualified for the knockout stage, but the two remaining playoffs spots have yet to be claimed. With that, we’re in for a thrilling clash between Pompa Team, Szata Maga, Wisla Plock eSports, and Piast Giwice Esports to decide who’s going to advance to the next stage.

Keep in mind that all the regular season matches are Bo2s, so the variance from side selection is reduced to a minimum. And while the Bo3 playoffs matches are a bit shorter than we would have liked, it’s still a great format to determine which team deserves to claim the Polska Liga Esportowa trophy.

Choosing Your Polska Liga Esportowa 2018 Betting Bonus

So, now that you know more about Polska Liga Esportowa 2018, how can you bet on it? Well, if you’re not concerned with winning or losing, you can just hop onto an esports betting site like Buff88 or Betway and fire away. However, we’d advise you to approach this league with caution.

Regional competitions can be volatile, and a team that’s been dominating the regular season can easily fall apart in the first round of the playoffs. That’s why it’s great to have protection in the shape of a betting bonus. A good betting bonus can reduce your risks to a minimum while providing an additional stream of revenue for your gambling account.

Of course, it can be challenging to pick the best bonus from a multitude of esports betting offers. Luckily, our LoL esports experts have already done the necessary research to find the top Polska Liga Esportowa 2018 betting bonuses, so we’ve highlighted them in a short table below!

The Betway bonus offer is especially noteworthy. A €30 risk-free bet can go a long way towards reducing the variance and increasing your bankroll. On top of that, Betway tends to have a lot of betting markets for regional competitions, so you should have no issues extracting value out of the Polska Liga Esportowa 2018!

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