PUBG Global Championship Betting Guide

Bet on the PUBG 2021 World Championship Final


PUBG Global Championship is the conclusion of the most important tournament dedicated to the battle royal videogame. The World Championship Final will bring together the best teams from all over the world. They will compete for a guaranteed prize pool of $2 million. Fans of the game will have ample PUBG Global Championship 2021 betting opportunities pregame and live. Starting with this edition, the event will return to the Points Rule, with a slightly different structure from the 2020 tournament.

PUBG Global Championship 2021 Schedule and Format

The tournament will last for exactly one month, starting on November 19 and concluding on December 19. During Week 1 the 32 participating teams will be divided into four identical groups and play six matches. The most successful 16 will participate in the 1st Weekly Survival, while the bottom 15 will enter a waitlist. The last team will automatically be eliminated and go straight to the Bottom 16 Stage.

Every weekday, 16 matches will be played to determine 16 Chicken Dinner winners. Winning teams qualify for Weekly Finals, as the next ranked team replaces them in the Weekly Survival run. This process repeats itself until there are 16 teams qualified for Weekly Finals. The teams that don’t qualify for this phase of the competition will participate in the Bottom 16 Stage, based on the Points Rule.

The Weekly Finals (Points Rule) will consist of 10 matches, with the winner of each phase advancing to the Grand Finals. More teams who are the most points during this stage will also advanced to the Grand Finals. At this point, 15 matches will be played and the last team standing will be crowned World Champion of the PUBG Global Championship 2021.


PUBG Global Championship 2021 Teams and Prizes

A total of 32 teams will participate in this event, with Asia sending the largest pack. PUBG Global Championship 2021 betting fans will be able to bet on the performance of 12 Asian teams. Europe will have 8 participants at the tournament, while the Americas and Asia Pacific region will each have six.

The total prize pool is $2 million, with this being the initial amount. More money will be funneled into prizes, as 30% of the items sold for this event being used to pay winners. The most successful team will be awarded a paycheck worth $600,000, with the runner-up receiving half of this amount. The third and fourth teams will receive $150,000, respectively $120,000. Every participating team will receive a paycheck, with the lowest amount being $10,000 for the team finishing last.

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Global Championship Betting Sites

Player Unknown Battlegrounds is no longer the only royal battle game, but it remains the most popular one for esports. PUBG betting sites provide members with the chance to bet on the outright winners, and place pregame and live bets. The odds are already published at top bookmakers for the opening matches and outright winners. Punters who fancy one of the favorites to win should place their bets soon to prevent the odds from dropping.

PUBG Global Championship 2021 betting on the special markets can be equally profitable if you have the proper information. Beginners and those who are learning the ropes of PUBG betting should stick to standard markets such as match winners. Commonly referred to as map winner bets, these are the easiest to tackle by inexperienced punters. Betting on the total number of kills, as well as the team to score the most frags can also be a thrilling experience. A high volatility bet with good payouts and suitable for adrenaline junkies is the first blood market.

Some of the best PUBG betting sites will present members with a way to warm up for the main event. At these operators, punters can bet on streamers and watch their performances on YouTube and Twitch. One of the popular betting options is to wager on yourself, a type of bet that appeals to skilled players. Players also have the option of trying scheme gambling where they bet in-game items rather than money. Earned in game can be wagered and ultimately sold to make real money without risking your own resources.