Rift Rivals 2018 Predictions (NA vs EU)

Posted on July 3, 2018

The NA vs EU Rift Rivals kick off on July 5! The best teams of the 2018 Spring Split from Europe and North America will clash with each other in a battle for fame glory! Who are the underdogs, who are the favorites, and who should you bet on to make the most out of your money? Dive into our Rift Rivals predictions to find out!

Rift Rivals Match Predictions – Day 1

Team Liquid vs Splyce

Let us preface this by saying that Splyce aren’t as bad as you might think. They picked up two wins in week 3 of the EU LCS Summer Split 2018, and they shored up their early game weaknesses. Moreover, the main reason for their domestic struggles was the fast-paced playstyle of most European teams, which won’t be as much of an issue against slower North American lineups.

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However, Team Liquid is still a blatant mismatch for Splyce—and the reason for that lies in the bot lane. The duo of Kobbe and KaSing has been on a steady decline ever since the beginning of this split, but Doublelift and Olleh are the driving force behind TL’s victories. And unless Splyce come up with a creative way to cover their bot lane, they will lose the game in the laning phase.

BETTING ADVICE: Most bookmakers seem to agree with our Rift Rivals 2018 predictions, so TL are viewed as overwhelming favorites. Thus, you could place a wager on Team Liquid’s victory for odds of 1.57 @Betspawn. Granted, the value is slim, but this is as close to a surefire bet as you can get.

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100 Thieves vs G2 Esports

Once again, there’s a major mismatch. 100 Thieves are already a very slow-moving team, but they’ll be further weakened by the absence of Ssumday and Meteos. The two have been replaced by Brandini and Levi. Both of these players are formidable, but 100T won’t have enough time to build up any synergy with them.

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Meanwhile, G2 are the gold funneling kings. They stand at the very top of the EU LCS ladder thanks to the mechanical prowess of Wunder and Perkz. Also, their drafts are endlessly creative, which might catch the by-the-books 100 Thieves roster off guard.

BETTING ADVICE: At the time of writing this article, @ArcaneBet didn’t release any betting markets for this Rift Rivals 2018 matchup. However, if you find a decently valued option to place a wager on the total game time being under 30-35 minutes, don’t hesitate to use it. G2 have some of the fastest game times in the EU LCS Summer Split 2018, and 100 Thieves won’t be able to oppose their snowball.

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Echo Fox vs Splyce

Anyone that’s ever seen these teams play would tell you this matchup is skewed in Echo Fox’s favor. Splyce might be on an upswing, but they still have a lot of problems in the laning phase. Meanwhile, Echo Fox are excellent at finding early leads and pressing them as hard as humanly possible. The biggest difference will come from the clash between Odoamne/Xerxe and Huni/Dardoch, as the latter duo will wipe the floor with the former.

BETTING ADVICE: You can bet on Echo Fox taking the W for odds of 1.75 @EGB

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Rift Rivals Match Predictions – Day 2

Team Liquid vs Fnatic

The second day of the NA vs EU Rift Rivals 2018 begins with an MSI rematch between Team Liquid and Fnatic! When it comes to the NA LCS Summer Split 2018, TL are at the cream of the crop. Impact and Pobelter picked up the slack in the laning phase, and Xmithie acts as the glue that holds this team together. But the biggest stars are Doublelift and Olleh. This bot lane has been a key part of Liquid’s strategies, and it’s largely because of it that they found such unrivaled success.

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Meanwhile, Fnatic have ramped up the pace of their game. They did so by bringing in Bwipo to play bruisers in the bot lane, and the move worked for the most part. Even so, the absence of Rekkles is palpable in the later stages of the game, so Fnatic’s teamfighting isn’t as dominant as it used to be. They make up for it with insane mid lane pressure from Caps. Moreover, Broxah is exceptional at setting up his laners for success, which works well with Fnatic’s creative team comps.

BETTING ADVICE: Fnatic are outgunned for this one. TL have what it takes to match them early on, but Doublelift will be sure to skew teamfights in Liquid’s favor in the later stages of the game. You can bet on Team Liquid scoring a win for odds of 2.10 @Betway

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Team Liquid vs G2 Esports

The tables are about to turn for this one. When it comes to playing standard marksman-oriented team comps, Team Liquid are undeniably great. However, G2 excel at breaking the meta and empowering their solo lane carries. And even though Doublelift will put a dent into G2’s bot lane, it won’t be enough to put a stop to Perkz’s momentum.

BETTING ADVICE: You can bet on G2 Esports crushing Team Liquid for odds of 1.70 @EsportsBetting

100 Thieves vs Splyce

It’s always weirdly exciting to observe the clash between two bottom-tier lineups. Especially when they mirror each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Both 100 Thieves and Splyce have distinct holes in their early game, but they make up for it with strong mid game teamfights and smart late game decision-making.

Still, 100 Thieves have the disadvantage of incorporating two new members—Brandini and Levi—into their team. As for Splyce, they are slowly coming together, so they should have an edge when it comes to coordination. And in the end, teamwork is very, very important in such a close matchup.

BETTING ADVICE: You can bet on Splyce finding a Rift Rivals 2018 win against 100 Thieves for odds of 1.75 @EGB

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