SK vs Splyce – LEC Playoffs 2019 (Quarterfinals Predictions)

Posted on March 21, 2019

SK vs Splyce is the second quarterfinal of the LEC playoffs 2019! These two teams with completely opposite strengths and weaknesses clash on March 30, and only one of them will emerge victorious. Let’s find out who’s it going to be in our in-depth breakdown of this Bo5 League of Legends series!

SK Gaming actually did it! They beat the likes of Misfits and FC Schalke 04 for the final playoffs spot. This team has a surprising amount of rookie talent as well as the confidence to look for playmaking opportunities from the first minutes of the match. Granted, not all of their plays land, and it’s common to see SK Gaming fumble in the late game due to their lack of competitive experience.

Splyce are much more measured in comparison. Their early game is solid, and you can count on them to find sizeable leads in the early game. However, there’s a distinct lull in their mid game where they give away free kills and objectives to their opponents. Fortunately, Splyce have some of the strongest 5v5s in the league, so they can always outmuscle their foes in late game teamfights.

SK vs Splyce Match Breakdown

Top Lane Matchup

The SK vs Splyce top lane is a bit of a wash. With a 2.4 KDA and 7.7 CS per minute, SK Werlyb is a decent laner, but he has a hard time converting individual leads into meaningful advantages. To make matter worse, he tends to push too far up without vision, making him an easy target for the enemy jungler in early game and splitpushing scenarios.

Vizicsacsi isn’t a perfect top laner either. Holding a 2.6 KDA and 7.6 CS per minute, he’s at his best when he’s playing the role of a token tank player on Splyce’s roster. His game sense is solid, and you can count on him to do the right thing in teamfights and skirmishes. That being said, his laning leaves a lot to be desired, and he’s unlikely to have a significant edge over Werlyb.

VERDICT: SPY Vizicsacsi gets a small lead in the top lane.

Jungle Matchup

The jungle matchup tells a much more interesting narrative. Sporting a 3.4 KDA and 5.2 CS per minute, Selfmade is the pillar of SK Gaming’s lineup. His jungle pressure is off the charts, and it’s largely because of his daring ganks and explosives invades that SK have so much momentum in the early game.

Splyce EU LCS Predictions

Xerxe plays a similar role on Splyce. With a 5.5 KDA and 5.1 CS per minute, he’s a wild playmaker that always has an off-meta pick or an unorthodox jungle route in his repertoire. That being said, Xerxe lags behind Selfmade in terms of raw mechanical talent, and unless he cooks up something special for this matchup, he will spend the majority of this series on the back foot.

VERDICT: SK Selfmade finds an edge in the jungle.

Mid Lane Matchup

The SK vs Splyce mid lane will be interesting to follow. Sporting a 2.8 KDA and 8.4 CS per minute, SK Pirean is a veteran mid laner that excels at minimizing risks in the laning phase and making his presence known in teamfights. However, he doesn’t have the killer instinct to take over the game on his own, which does him a disservice in this matchup.

After all, Humanoid is one of the most volatile mid laners in the league, so if you want to target someone on Splyce’s side, it has to be him. With a 3.0 KDA and 9.0 CS per minute, he’s an up-and-coming rookie with a knack for control mages and utility champions. His lack of experience puts him at a disadvantage in this matchup, but the mid lane discrepancy isn’t as large as SK Gaming would’ve liked it to be.

VERDICT: SK Pirean outmaneuvers his opponent in the mid lane.

Bot Lane Matchup

The bot lane matchup will decide the course of the entire series. With a 3.6 KDA and 9.9 CS per minute, Crownshot is a great teamfighting marksman, but his laning and positioning are too inconsistent to make him a reliable win condition. With that, his support Dreams (2.1 KDA) has to spend a lot of time on defensive picks, which hampers his playmaking talents.


Splyce’s bot lane doesn’t suffer from the same issue. Sporting a 7.3 KDA and 10.0 CS per minute, Kobbe is one of the most well-rounded AD carries in the league, and his ability to consistently top the damage charts in teamfights and skirmishes is the cornerstone of Splyce’s game plans. Meanwhile, Norskeren (3.4 KDA) routinely breaks open the map with his roams, jungle invades, and split-second initiations.

VERDICT: SPY Kobbe and Norskeren take over the bot lane.

SK vs Splyce LEC Quarterfinals Prediction

SK Gaming’s laners aren’t strong enough to straight-up outmuscle Splyce in the early game. In fact, their bot lane will likely spend the entire series on the back foot, and SK will scramble to cover for it. Perhaps Selfmade will carry a game or his own on his own, but as long as most matches go past the 25-minute mark, Splyce are the clear-cut favorites. Our prediction is a 3-1 victory for Splyce!

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