SKT vs Griffin: 2019 LCK Summer Finals Predictions

Posted on August 29, 2019

The 2019 LCK Summer Finals kick off on August 31! SK Telecom T1 went all the way from the first round of the playoffs to challenge Griffin in the finals. Will they be able to keep the momentum going? Or will their opponents put an end to their playoffs run? Find the answer in our SKT vs Griffin breakdown!

2019 LCK Summer Finals Breakdown: SKT vs Griffin

SK Telecom T1 are on fire! This team breezed through three playoffs series, and it’s already setting its gaze on the trophy. The biggest reason behind this is Faker. SKT’s ace is once again looking like the best player in the world, as he’s single-handedly taking over the game through the mid lane. Combine that with a mechanically proficient jungler in Clid, an aggressive top laner in Khan, and a monstrous teamfighter in Teddy, and this team has all the tools to win the finals.

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Griffin have been here before. This team has made three finals in a row by finishing first in the regular season, yet it always failed to deliver in the playoffs. The good news is that they made some changes by bringing in Doran to the top lane position. However, a rookie top laner won’t be enough to win the SKT vs Griffin series. To make matters worse, Chovy has a habit of underperforming in the playoffs, so Griffin will struggle to match SKT in mid/jungle 2v2s. And while Tarzan and Viper have the means to carry a game or two, they won’t win the series on their own.

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